Bruise Healing Made Easy with A Bruzzy Gel

Bruises, bumps and knocks are very common in children while they are growing up. In fact most parents will tell you it’s part of child’s growing up years. My one year old had fallen off the bed and couch several times. Though there were no injuries, I still feel bad about it. It caused me to worry about the effect he can get from it. The last time he fell off the couch, he had a slight swelling on his forehead. He was fussy for a while even when I comforted him. Perhaps he might have been hurt. Or it might be the swelling that causes his fussiness. Then I remember I bought a bruise healing gel called A Bruzzy Gel when he had his first fall. I immediately look for it in the medicine kit and glad I was able to bring it with us from KL. (I bought it in KL where he fell for the first time). To relieve the swelling, I applied a small amount of A Bruzzy Gel to the affected area.

A Bruzzy Gel is traditionally used as bruises reducing formulation which made the bruises healing easy and painless. It contains anti-coagulant and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent blood from clotting and assist in normal healing process. It also reduces the purplish or reddish color of the bruise as well as its swelling.

It’s easy to use this product; you don’t have to massage it into the affected area which may cause pain, just apply it gently on the affected area and it will be absorb by the skin. It’s a traditional medicine which is non-greasy and non-staining making it easier to apply. It is advisable to apply 2-3 times daily on the affected area. Contact with eyes should be avoided and if discomfort occurs stop using the product or contact your care provider.

After using A Bruzzy Gel, the swelling on baby Z’s forehead was healed the following day. It’s effective, painless and easy healing so I recommend this gel to moms who have toddlers at home.



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  1. bruises and stuff are always my problem. I easily hurt myself. A little bump will always cause purplish color on my skin as well as small cuts and scratch. I think I should at least find something good as this to keep at home.

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