Why You Should Drink Coconut Juice while Pregnant

I am nearly approaching my eight month of pregnancy and unfortunately I just had a urinary track infection recently. So aside from the meds that was prescribed by my OB, hubby insisted that I should drink coconut juice everyday. And so, because the commander said so, I just did his command. For almost two weeks now, I have been drinking at least 1 litre of coconut juice everyday. Along with this new habit, out of curiosity I made a research about the health benefits of coconuts juice and I discovered that there are various health benefits from drinking coconut juice. Living in a tropical country where coconuts are greatly available, I can take advantage of the health benefits that the coconut juice offers.

Coconut juice has essential nutrients that are beneficial to our health. It is a good source of electrolytes and also rich in potassium, chlorides, sodium, protein and magnesium therefore drinking coconut juice at least one glass a day is recommended especially for people suffering from any illness. Coconut juice is also very healthy and best recommended for pregnant women. If you are expectant mom like me, start drinking coconut juice now, don’t wait until you suffer from urinary tract infection just like what happened to me. Here are some benefits, why it is good and healthy to drink coconut juice while pregnant:

  • Coconut juice increases the flow and frequency of urine. (I actually noticed these during my two weeks of drinking coconut juice). It easily flushes toxins out of our body, hence preventing urinary tract infection.
  • It prevents dehydration and exhaustion.
  • Coconut juice helps to prevent heartburn.
  • Another common dilemma of pregnant women is constipation. Coconut juice is a natural hydrant to our body and allows easy digestion thus alleviating pregnant women from constipation.
  • It also a good source of strengthening the immune system which is beneficial to both mother and the developing baby.
  • It is cholesterol and fat free drink therefore it is very good for both mother and the baby.

So if you’re an expectant mom, you may consider drinking coconut juice your new hobby for you and your baby’s benefit.

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