LeapFrog or Vtech?

I have been planning of buying a learning laptop for my one year old son. He has been bungling our laptop more often and it would be good if he has his own lappy which he can slam on the floor or table. I was planning to buy the “Leaptop” from LeapFrog which is appropriate for his age. So, we went to the toy shop last Sunday to buy the leaptop. While checking the product, a sales representative from leapfrog approached to assist me. While she was demonstrating the product to me, another sales representative from a different brand of laptop came and was trying to interrupt the sales rep of leapfrog. I was trying not to entertain the vtech sales rep but he was there defaming the leapfrog product hoping that I would buy his product. Imagine the two sales rep, disparaging each other’s product.
I was supposed to buy the leapfrog, but as they continue barking at each other, I get confused on which one to buy. Also I suddenly loose the interest of buying due to what they are doing. Good thing my sister advised me not to buy either of the two products since the two sales rep was at the height of defaming each other’s product. So I told them, “thank you and I need to carefully think what to buy, I’ll come back next time. “ Instead of buying the laptop, I bought a lifebuoy for the little one.

Honestly, it made me think weather LeapFrog or Vtech, which is which. They are both good product, but both have its downsides. The LeapTop from leapfrog has only 7 days warranty but it bugs the Toy of the Year Award in 2011, so no doubt about it. On the other hand, the Vtech is slightly cheaper and has a lifetime service warranty. If you would chose, will you go for LeapFrog or Vtech?

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