How About a Photography Business?

There are couples of things that I and my husband have in common. One of those is our love for photography. Originally, it was him who first showed interest in photography. As for me, I was not interested at all but having been tagged in several photo shoot, I suddenly developed an interest in photography. Who would have thought that after a few months of self study I found myself overpowering my husband when it comes to photography. Since we only have one DSLR, it was under my hands where you can find our DSLR most of the time.

It has been years being hooked in this hobby yet the learning pace for me and hubby does not fetter. Its fun learning photography and as you learn, you will definitely fall in love with it and the more you fall in love the more you’ll ask for more; more gadgets, more knowledge and more photo shoots.

For some people, photography is morethan just a hobby. Some of them are shooting for a living which somehow crossed my mind as far as business is concerned. As long as you have the proper gadgets, knowledge and skills you can earn extra income in photography. There are others who invest in photography studio then later on sublets the whole studio to gain profit.  But as far as business is concern, I realize that making photography a main source of living requires not only photography gadgets and skills. A person who desires to make photography a living should also have a deeper grasp in managing and marketing a business in order to succeed.

Establishing a name in photography industry might not be easy but once you’ve get through it, it will be a good source of income. This is actually something that we are looking forward; hopefully it will materialize at a proper time.

11 thoughts on “How About a Photography Business?

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  2. wow! i do love photography as well though i don’t know much and just keep on learning every now and then! I guess that idea would be nice specially both of your husband and wife will accompany each other and have both the talent! xx

  3. I was once hooked on photography but when I had my baby and my time went all to her and to being a full time wife, I slowly felt less interested in it. But I guess its never too late to try. heheh! I hope you can make it to the Photography career.

    1. same here kaye im a fulltime mom now but i still have that passion in photography. Though i can’t shoot like before (when i dont have a baby) i have an instant model now and thats our baby.

  4. I also love photography, I just kept snapping pictures when I think there’s a good art or what ever the term is. I think photo booth is also in-demand now a days on party and events, it must be a good business too.

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