Applause on Online Shopping

Having a big bump on my third trimester makes me impound at home.  As my bump gets bigger and heavier I find it tiring walking even for just a short hour. This temporarily shuts off my weekly hunt for best buys at the supermarket for our one week food supply. For the meantime I had to send it as an errand until we meet the little one.

However, I am glad that I can still shop for my personal stuff while being stock at home. Thanks to the increasing population of online stores which offers an incredible convenience especially to people like me who can’t get out of my crib to shop. With the current technology, we can easily access the world wide web not just for research or entertainment purposes but for shopping as well.  From houses, cars, bags, gadgets, airlines and hotel booking, name it, you can find it online. Plus you can shop anytime (daytime or night time) at the convenience of your home. You also get to compare prices easily without any pressure from eager salespersons.

It is easy to shop online; all you need is a computer, an internet connection and credit card or debit card. Most online stores uses credit card for payment so if you don’t own a credit card yet, better get yourself at least one. Just submit citi credit card applications (which is also available online) and you are close on having your (perhaps) first credit card. And then you’re off shopping online in a few days.

It’s not only me; there have been more and more people who prefer online shopping than the conventional shopping. This is ideal to pregnant women like me as well as moms with toddlers who cannot afford to go out of their turf. Happy shopping!


4 thoughts on “Applause on Online Shopping

  1. I am addict to online shopping. I find it really convenient. But I always have to be careful though on sizes and styles.. But I am still loving it.

  2. Majority of people prefer to use the internet for banking and other financial services than shopping online, shows a new survey. When you buy a product over the internet it is called online shopping. Fantastic post, very informative. ^_^

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