Fun Typing Games For All Ages

Do you need to learn to type quickly but don’t want to invest the time or money in typing classes? Luckily for you and thousands of students and workers, there are many games available online, most of which can be accessed free of charge!

Yes, the website is exactly what the title suggests. is a huge database of typing tutors in the form of fun interactive games, lessons and tests. Some of the games featured include:

  • Desert Typing Racer – It looks like an old-school ATARI racing game, except that instead of driving the care with a joystick or arrow keys, you must complete the words appearing on the screen in order to keep up with other drivers and win the race!
  • Keyboard Revolution – For anyone who has ever played Dance Dance Revolution, Keyboard Revolution involves typing letter and phrases that scroll up the screen keeping time with dance music. This game can be great for the advanced typist as well as the beginner, and it helps increase typing muscle memory triggered by seeing the letters on the screen.
  • Spacebar Invaders – “Strange creatures are wiggling their way down from space,” and the only way to stop them is by typing the series of letters they display before they reach the bottom of the screen.

Although the typing games are an awesome tutor on their own, be sure to check out the lessons and occasionally quiz yourself via freetypinggame’s other pages.

This website covers the vast range of school subjects, including typing which is becoming more and more important to elementary and middle school students. Though their list of keyboarding games are mostly geared towards kids, adult beginning typists can benefit from the simple and straightforward lesson series, all presented in the form of fun games.

The Speedy Typer set has practices separated into word categories and even builds up to a paragraph writing practice. There are even some fun games of interactive cartoon peril, like The Typing of the Ghosts and QWERTY Warriors.

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor

KeyBlaze is an application by NCH software with a free downloadable version. KeyBlaze gives you the option of playing to testing for the length of a whole class period or even just for a minute at a time, making it easy to work step-by-step on typing according to your own needs and your own time. Like the other sites, it offers a range of programs including fun games.

Fast-Typing Professions

If you are interested in a career based on your typing prowess, look at what online court reporting school have to offer.

10 thoughts on “Fun Typing Games For All Ages

  1. At school, we had typing classes and also used to play these games for practice and for our exams. It’s how I learned to type without looking at the keyboard because of the memory and speed tests we used to have. 😀

    1. I know that game, that was also used as our exam in my summer typing class way back my high school days…

  2. maybe i should try these…even till now i have to look when i type! never did well with the whole typing classes and memorizing the placement of keys hehe

  3. Your post reminded me of our typing class back in elementary and high school. We were taught how to type properly with the finger assignment thingy. But even as of now, I still find it easier and faster to type with whichever finger I feel like using.. haha.. XD I think I’ll try some of those typing games though, so I can improve my typing.. ^^

    1. for me i find it easy typing with the proper finger assignment since I can type without even looking the keyboard.

  4. Are any of these games challenging enough or appropriate for adults? I’m looking for some adult games and have mostly found kids typing games online so far. I’m not an expert typist, just intermediate.

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