Thanks for the Rain Today Lord!

It’s been freaking hot these days. It feels like your skin will get burn once you stay out of the roof for long hours. And even if you stay indoor, you will still feel the scorching heat during the day and sometimes extends up to midnight. That’s why when God shower heavy rain today it was really a big treat not only for me but perhaps to all people in Manila. Thank God for sparing us from the scorching heat even for just a day! My son was amazed with the rain that he even watched it pouring down over our window. He was enjoying the rain drops but he was frightened when the thunders strike.

On the other hand, while the tot was sleeping, I love catching the cool breeze of the wind while sitting down on the sofa with our doors and windows open. It soothes my fussy body.  More rains please, I need to have a break with the freaking heat this summer. Perhaps this is a sign that summer is almost to end. I’m looking forward for a cool weather tomorrow. I hope so.

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