Gerbo 4 in 1 Potty Trainer

Recently I started to potty train our little tot since his brother is coming last week of this month I wanted to make him diaper free during the day.

Last week we bought this 4 in 1 potty trainer by Gerbo at the Baby Company. Yes you read it right, it’s 4 in 1 potty trainer for only PHP330.00. Gerbo potty trainer can be use as a chair, can be converted into a step stool, full size potty and the training seat can fit into adult size toilet seat.  It is made of light weight but durable plastic material and super easy to clean. The potty trainer can hold up to 50 LBS or 22.7 KG so it’s ideal for long term use. It comes in four different colors, blue, pink, green and yellow. I chose the blue for my little boy.


My seventeen months old son is oh his first week of the potty training and so far, the tot is showing positive response with the training. It’s really a challenge not only for the tot but for the whole family. We need lots of patience and understanding to be able to be successful in this thing. I hope he get use to it and will finally learn to use the potty soon.

Opps, a friendly reminder mommies, don’t leave your child unattended while using the potty trainer.

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