A Dose of Laughter for a Healthier You

Laughter is the best medicine. We’ve heard of these saying over and over again. It may appear as a mere saying but somehow it appears to be true. Laughter is morethan just making you feel good as it can be a therapeutic remedy to stress and pain. It’s an immediate resource of bringing back your body in poise allowing you to stay focus and productive.

Laughter is also known in protecting our heart from heart disease. It ameliorates the function of blood vessels and enhances blood flow preventing a heart attack and other cardiovascular problems. It can also boost our immune system as it decreases stress hormone and increases immune cells. Hence, laughter is good for our health.

So give yourself a dose of laughter a day. Share laughter not just with your family but with fun and playful friends as well. Avoid frowning, instead be happy and always smile even in the most difficult times of your life. It will not only give you courage and solidity to rise and find hope but it will also spare you from having those fine lines on your forehead.

You can also share big smiles online thru animated smileys. There are various website that offers free smiley. I would personally suggest you visit MyEmoticons.com where there are lots of free emoticons.

Remember what Charlie Chaplin said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” So never let your day ends without laughter.

Disappointed with Goldilocks Delivery Service

Yesterday baby Zian turned 1 month old. In celebration, I prepared some food for “merienda” and invited my cousins over as well as our aunt who’s in town for a one month vacation from Italy.

I was suppose to ask my sister to go out and buy a cake for the little one, but since she was also busy helping me prepare the food she suggested to order via Goldilocks delivery hotline instead. So I dialled 888-1-999 and placed my order at around 3:00 pm, one round size black forest cake and a crema de fruta.  Delivery time was 45 minutes to one hour as informed by the agent.

Just before our visitors arrived and while waiting for our order, we have arranged the table. Few minutes later, the visitors arrived. I checked the time and it’s been an hour and a forty five minutes  since I placed my order so I decided to follow up. After little verification by the agent, it looks like my order was not recorded in their system. I was even asked by the agent if I am sure I have placed an order at their delivery hotline, I answered I would have not called for follow up if I have not placed my order. Then he put me on hold once again to check for my order. I was losing my patience as I had a strong feeling something went wrong with my order.

After waiting for an hour and a half, with our visitors on the house waiting for the food, I found out that my order was actually not recorded in their system. I asked them how that could happen. But instead of explaining the agent went apologizing and told me he will prioritize my order and if possible delivery will be made within 20 to 30 minutes.It was my first time to place an order at Golilocks delivery hotline and it turned out to be disappointing.  I would have not bothered about it but I have visitors who are waiting plus I have been waiting for almost two hours. Although disappointed, I don’t have a choice but to keep my order and wait for it to be delivered since cancelling it would not do me any good as I don’t have someone I can send for errand. And to be fair, they did deliver my order within 20 minutes.

I am not writing this to discredit Goldilocks delivery. It’s our favourite bakeshop in fact their cakes are a must have during special celebrations with family. I just thought that such incident should not be neglected in order to avoid inconvenience to other customers. Also their call center agents should diligently do their job. I should be addressing this to the agent who received my call and took my order. I remember asking for “his” name but unfortunately I can’t recall the exact name.

I do hope this incident would not happen again, and I hope Goldilocks delivery service would improve so there would be more happy customers.

Polite Words your Kids Should Learn

Parents want their children to be polite and courteous. It’s a character that they will bring until they grow old. Likewise it will define their character and personality in the long run. As parents, it is our responsibility to teach them to be polite and courteous. It is good to begin at an early age by introducing them to the following phrases:

Thank you and you’re welcome. Teach them how to acknowledge kind and good deeds by saying thank you. Likewise, saying you’re welcome means he appreciates the kind words (thank you) that were said to him.

I love you. Showing our love and affection towards other by giving hugs, kisses and good deed is important. However children should also know to express it in verbal expression.

Please. Saying please is one way of showing respect and humility to others.

I’m sorry. Children should know that we live in a big world and that they’re part of it together with many others. Teach them how to acknowledge their mistakes by apologizing.

Excuse me. As he gets expose to the big world, teach him to be considerate and thoughtful. Excusing oneself is one way of showing it.

In order to make it easy to teach them those phrases, as parents we should lead by example. Remember our children look towards us hence it is important that they will see us saying those expressions all the time. Then, we will be able to properly teach them those expressions.

Sterimar: Good Nasal Decongestant for Babies

Recently our less than one month old baby had mild colds. Actually the “kuya” (elder brother) pass it to him since he loves kissing his little brother. That’s really so sweet of him and I soo love seeing him kiss the brother.

I really hate to see him sneezing and the nasal congestion does not only disturb him but me as well. He fussy the whole night so we brought him to our family paediatrician for check up and treatment the following day. The doctor prescribed Sterimar for the nasal congestion and she assured us that it is safe for use for newborns. So upon reaching home I immediately gave our baby a dose of Sterimar on both nostrils and in few minutes, it loosens the mucus and aspirated it and then he was relieved. I continue to give him a dose once his nose is congested and it was really effective. In just two days the colds was gone.


Sterimar is a nasal cleanser ideal and safe for ages 0 to 3 years. It’s an isotonic sea water spray that efficiently decongests and cleanses the nasal passage without harming the nasal mucosa. It is easy to spray to babies as it has a special nozzle design which produces microdiffusion effect which delivers fine spray. It can be use daily for nasal hygiene which can prevent colds and other nasal infection.

It’s hard to imagine my baby with colds without Sterimar. Thanks to our Paedia for introducing us to this product. Although its a bit expensive around PhP 700 I will surely have this in our medicine box.

What to Get for Dad on Father’s Day?

It’s father’s day and if you don’t have a slight idea on what to give dad on this special occasion here are few gift ideas you might want to consider.

Pair of Rubber shoes. For a sporty dad, a shoe would be a perfect gift for him. But don’t just give him a pair of running shoes, get him a great brand, and make sure that it comes from a store that specializes in catering to his favorite sport just like Toby’s Sports and RUNNR.

Watch or Eyewear. Make him look sportier by giving him top line watch or eyewear like Polar and Smith Optics available in RUNNR.

An outdoor trip. With a bike, take him to a place where you can both relax and feel closer to nature. Make sure you have complete accessories and the right equipment to make your trip free from any dangers and hassles. Get those accessories and equipment at Toby’s Sports as they offers a wide variety of products that encourages a healthy and active lifestyle. From fitness equipment, sports apparel, accessories and footwork. Visit their website www.tobys.com or like their page facebook.com/tobysstore, and if you want to get updates follow Toby’s Sports at @tobyssports on Twitter.

Footworx. Don’t just give him a pair of shoe, give him the shoes that matches exactly his foot. Footworx  will provide Footprint Analysis, Video Gait Analysis, and Custom Insole Moulding thus giving you the perfect shoes for you. You can only get this from RUNNR, the first world-class pure running specialty store in the metro. RUNNR specialty stores are located at B3, Bonifacio High Street in Taguig, Trinoma Mall in Quezon City and Ayala Center Cebu. For inquiries, contact 651-7777 or check out www.runnr.com.ph.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so act now and get your dad the perfect gift for his day.










Feels like A Super Mom

It’s almost a month since our second baby arrived. Since then, I became busier not only with my toddler and the new baby but with some chores along with few online work. Had there been no house help to cover up the chores I would be very busy as a bee.

I just feel like a super mom nowadays. From waking up in the middle of my sleep to breastfeed the baby to bathing the tot and cooking our meals and getting online jobs done before the day ends keeps me bustling at home everyday that taking naps is almost impossible.

This is just the start of being a super mom. Now I know why being a mom is a tough job. These made me miss my late mom.  I look forward of handling this job in a very good way and be able to raise my tots in a proper way. I pray for strength and extra long patience in handling this job. So help me God!

Let your Bathroom Shine

Aside from the kitchen and bedroom, the next part of the house that I want to be perfectly clean is the toilet and bathroom. As a homemaker a clean toilet and bath signifies a clean and healthy home and this is specifically important for a mom like me who has toddlers at home.

Cleaning the toilet may not be an easy job but if you maintain a cleaning schedule say cleaning your toilet at least once a week, it would be an easy job. Allow me to share some quick tips in cleaning your toilet and bathroom.

  1. Start cleaning from top to bottom. Hence start by removing those cobwebs in the ceiling by using a duster.
  2. Next would be the wall tiles. Perhaps this is the huge part that needs cleaning. Whether it is a ceramic tile or porcelain tiles, start cleaning by spraying a cleaning solution over the tiled area and then scrub it’s surface with a sponge. Focus on the tile surface first, and then the tile grout. Spray liquid bleach on grouts, leave them for a few minutes then slightly scrub and wash off the dirt with warm water.
  3. Repeat the same procedure in cleaning the floor tiles.
  4. Next thing would be to clean the fixtures and accessories, such as water closet, lavatory, bath tub, soap holder, mirror and shower curtain. Just use a cleaning solution and scrub with sponge then wash off the dirt with warm water.
  5. Spray vinegar on surfaces and slightly scrub to make it shiny as your final touch.

Cleaning your toilet especially the tiles will spare you from retiling so make sure you clean up those mold and dirt. And if you happen to do retiling your bathroom I highly recommend builddirect for they have wide array of tiles to chose from. To know more about builddirect visit their website http://www.builddirect.com.

Thank You Mira!


She has been with us for more than three years. She’s a loyal helpline especially to my sister and later to my own family. For almost a year of trusting her our precious son, I find it hard to imagine life without her. She has been my son’s best friend and energetic play mate. She is an indispensable part of the family; since baby Z came, I was able to continue my online and offline works because she was there to stand in and make up for the house chores. Also sneaking out with hubby and friends would not be possible if she was not around to take care of the little ones.

When I see her patiently taking care of my boys especially my eldest, I know for sure that she loves them. We will definitely miss you! Thank you and best of luck on your studies and we hope that you’ll find a greener pasture in the future. Our hearts and doors are always open for you. Be safe always!

How About an Online Business?

Businesses online are so common and in demand these days. With a lot of people or consumers who are so busy like me and are spending much of their time in front of the computer, no wonder it really works. This is really shopping made easy by doing it at the comforts of our home. Having been a frequent online shopper myself, I’ve been thinking of starting my own online shop. I know this is something that entails enough knowledge and passion, but I know that for as long as it’s something that interests me, I could successfully do it. It is still a plan at the moment but having learned about amazon loan has made me feel secure that online businesses can get help in a fast and convenient way. I didn’t know at first that there are companies who could lend to online businesses. No wonder why many online shops are successful and all the more that it makes me excited on starting my own. I know I’ll have to give it more thought and start doing my research already to be sure I’m ready for it. Will surely post again once I finally decide to start my business.

Feel the Retro Swag at the Newest Bar Lounge in Town: Rocket Room

Photobucket Extend your night out by swinging by the metro’s latest bar lounge brought to you by Raintree Restaurants—Rocket Room. With its vivid and outré interiors elaborately designed by Noel Bernardo, Rocket Room lends the right amount of buzz to every coffee break afternoon or late night out.

The bar lounge brings thrilling arrays of Rocket Room’s House Made Infusion Jars, specialty spirits infused with fresh fruits and spices, Classically Twisted drinks, which are twisted takes on the classics, as well as an extensive selection of wines, beers and sangrias.

Serving up the best of organically hot and cold Rocket Plates, Raintree Restaurants brings innovation with itsdistinctive variety of food offerings and characteristic sets of interiors.