Thank You Mira!


She has been with us for more than three years. She’s a loyal helpline especially to my sister and later to my own family. For almost a year of trusting her our precious son, I find it hard to imagine life without her. She has been my son’s best friend and energetic play mate. She is an indispensable part of the family; since baby Z came, I was able to continue my online and offline works because she was there to stand in and make up for the house chores. Also sneaking out with hubby and friends would not be possible if she was not around to take care of the little ones.

When I see her patiently taking care of my boys especially my eldest, I know for sure that she loves them. We will definitely miss you! Thank you and best of luck on your studies and we hope that you’ll find a greener pasture in the future. Our hearts and doors are always open for you. Be safe always!

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