Let your Bathroom Shine

Aside from the kitchen and bedroom, the next part of the house that I want to be perfectly clean is the toilet and bathroom. As a homemaker a clean toilet and bath signifies a clean and healthy home and this is specifically important for a mom like me who has toddlers at home.

Cleaning the toilet may not be an easy job but if you maintain a cleaning schedule say cleaning your toilet at least once a week, it would be an easy job. Allow me to share some quick tips in cleaning your toilet and bathroom.

  1. Start cleaning from top to bottom. Hence start by removing those cobwebs in the ceiling by using a duster.
  2. Next would be the wall tiles. Perhaps this is the huge part that needs cleaning. Whether it is a ceramic tile or porcelain tiles, start cleaning by spraying a cleaning solution over the tiled area and then scrub it’s surface with a sponge. Focus on the tile surface first, and then the tile grout. Spray liquid bleach on grouts, leave them for a few minutes then slightly scrub and wash off the dirt with warm water.
  3. Repeat the same procedure in cleaning the floor tiles.
  4. Next thing would be to clean the fixtures and accessories, such as water closet, lavatory, bath tub, soap holder, mirror and shower curtain. Just use a cleaning solution and scrub with sponge then wash off the dirt with warm water.
  5. Spray vinegar on surfaces and slightly scrub to make it shiny as your final touch.

Cleaning your toilet especially the tiles will spare you from retiling so make sure you clean up those mold and dirt. And if you happen to do retiling your bathroom I highly recommend builddirect for they have wide array of tiles to chose from. To know more about builddirect visit their website http://www.builddirect.com.

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