Feels like A Super Mom

It’s almost a month since our second baby arrived. Since then, I became busier not only with my toddler and the new baby but with some chores along with few online work. Had there been no house help to cover up the chores I would be very busy as a bee.

I just feel like a super mom nowadays. From waking up in the middle of my sleep to breastfeed the baby to bathing the tot and cooking our meals and getting online jobs done before the day ends keeps me bustling at home everyday that taking naps is almost impossible.

This is just the start of being a super mom. Now I know why being a mom is a tough job. These made me miss my late mom.  I look forward of handling this job in a very good way and be able to raise my tots in a proper way. I pray for strength and extra long patience in handling this job. So help me God!

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