Polite Words your Kids Should Learn

Parents want their children to be polite and courteous. It’s a character that they will bring until they grow old. Likewise it will define their character and personality in the long run. As parents, it is our responsibility to teach them to be polite and courteous. It is good to begin at an early age by introducing them to the following phrases:

Thank you and you’re welcome. Teach them how to acknowledge kind and good deeds by saying thank you. Likewise, saying you’re welcome means he appreciates the kind words (thank you) that were said to him.

I love you. Showing our love and affection towards other by giving hugs, kisses and good deed is important. However children should also know to express it in verbal expression.

Please. Saying please is one way of showing respect and humility to others.

I’m sorry. Children should know that we live in a big world and that they’re part of it together with many others. Teach them how to acknowledge their mistakes by apologizing.

Excuse me. As he gets expose to the big world, teach him to be considerate and thoughtful. Excusing oneself is one way of showing it.

In order to make it easy to teach them those phrases, as parents we should lead by example. Remember our children look towards us hence it is important that they will see us saying those expressions all the time. Then, we will be able to properly teach them those expressions.

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