When A Dog Dies: Where Does He Go?

The rain is pitter-pattering our roof and suddenly it brings me back to my childhood; getting giddy while dancing, playing and bathing in the rain. How I wish I could still do that this time, but knowing that bathing and playing in the rain would mean wading through floods then forget about it. I suddenly remember Mojo (our dog) swimming and floating on the flood during typhoon Ondoy. Immediately, I gave him a quick bath using advantix for dogs on www.vetdepot.com right after the water subsided.

I never love dog when I was a kid and it was ironic that on a whim I adopted a dog. My loves for dogs ameliorate as I get exposed with dog lovers’ friends. Eventually I adopted Mojo, a cross breed of a Japanese Spits and Terrier. He was a playful and deliriously happy dog whom wereally love. Apart from his loyalty and the love he gave us, he brought happiness to the family. He was some sort of a smart dog; he greets everyone who enters our house except strangers. He guards the house and let us know when visitors come. He would warn us when there are strangers passing by, and the list will go on…


He was more than a best friend to us; he became part of the family that’s why there is a wave of nostalgia that sweeps over me right now as I remember Mojo. We just lost him last month due to an illness he wasn’t able to survive. His passing left us melancholic and made me wonder; when a dog dies, where does he go? Do dogs have soul like humans who goes either heaven or hell? This might sound a silly question, but hey, do you know where?







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Tips in Raising a Child with Good Behavior

When I saw my toddler hitting someone, it caught my attention and it made me put my thinking cap and take action on that misbehavior. First step is always the hardest but I gotta get the ball rolling for the little one before it becomes a hard nut to crack.

Right now we are dealing with my child’s behavior and hopefully I could establish the foundation for good behavior using the following steps.

Stay cool, calm and collected. Whenever my child puts himself at risk, I always jitter with a semi hysterical voice and at a blink of an eye I would come to the rescue. Then I noticed that the more I jitter the more he aggravates. And so before I add fuel to the fire I tried to stay cool and calm (even if he startled me deep inside) while trying to convince him to stop whatever his doing (bad) in an even tone voice. I also bend down to his eye level and talk to him using short phrases. Our toddlers are still learning to listen and interpret the meaning of our words so avoid long statements so it would be easier for them to understand what you want him to do. Yelling won’t work either, it will just scare the tot and you just taught him to yell at others too. So if you’re feeling fired up about encouraging your tot to behave, trim down your angry voice to a minimum, believe me your tot will pay attention.

Set up Rules. When he hits his baby brother, he needs to go to his room for a time out. It works well for my tot, I was able to cut his hitting episodes in less than three weeks. Don’t be afraid to draw lines for your tot, just don’t overfill them with rules and don’t expect he will never cross. Once he crossed, be ready with your consequence. Just be fair and consistent with your consequence. In that way, we are giving our children an opportunity to learn the right behavior.

Let them be Heard. Yes, mother knows best, but let your child’s opinion be heard once in a while. Let them feel their opinion matters, that they have authority for themselves. So create options like, chicken or vegetables for lunchtime, will it be blue or red pajama for bedtime? That way you let him know he has some sense of control.

If there is a consequence for bad behavior, there should have a reward for the good and cheerful attitude you’ve worked hard to develop. It takes a lot of patience in cultivating your kid’s great behavior. So don’t get fired up, remember Rome was not built in one day.










Delight Your Appetite this Coming Weekend

Hey foodie adventurist gear up yourselves for a food indulgence this coming weekend. Delight your appetite and satisfy your cravings and let your taste buds speak.


 If you want to indulge in your culinary cravings this weekend, you’re in luck! The Mezza Norte night food market opens in Quezon City on Thursday and the Ulimate Taste Test holds its ninth round in Alabang on Sunday!

From the same organizers of the popular Mercato Centrale food market in Bonifacio Global City, Mezza Norte in UP-AyalaLand Technohub along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City brings together the best in home-cooked foods and pastry and dessert finds that the North has to offer, along with your Mercato Centrale favorite food stands! Mezza Norte opens on Thursday (July 26) and will be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6:00pm to 3:00am.
Organized by Anton Diaz, the man behind the popular food and travel blog www.OurAwesomePlanet.com, the Ultimate Taste Test 9.0 is an opportunity to try out and personally critique different specialty foods and new or soon-to-be-launched dishes straight from the kitchens of up and coming and popular food entrepreneurs from all over Metro Manila.

Among the winners of the previous Ultimate Taste Tests are Dulcelin Gourmet specialties, Supreme Brazo, Angus Beef Tapa, Risa Chocolates, Carmen’s Best Artisan Ice Cream and Merry Moo Premium Ice Cream.  The Ultimate Taste Test Version 9.0 will be on Sunday (July 26) starting 6:00pm at the Soderno Night Food Market in Molito Commercial Center, corners of Madrigal and Commerce (in front of Alabang Town Center), Alabang. If you are interested to enter your food and/or drink product/s in the Ultimate Taste Test, please contact rache@diaz.ph or 09175318949.




Save the date folks and bring the whole family!

Ceelin is Giving Away P10,000!

Mommies, here is a chance to unleash your kid’s talent in front of the camera. It is also a chance to utilize yours and daddy’s video making skills. I just found out that Ceelin is having an online video contest for kids 7-12 years old and they are giving away P10,000 to lucky winners. Read on to find out how.

Get into the Ceelin Cool Chew Craze and win P10,000!

A new craze is sweeping the nation, and it has got all the kids singing, dancing and chewing. Yes, you read that right—chewing! But don’t be alarmed Moms, this is one craze you’ll surely approve of.

The Ceelin Cool Chew Craze is an online video contest for children ages 7-12 years old who love being in front of the camera. Your cool kids will have to create a video of themselves (with Mom or Dad’s approval and help of course!) lip-syncing to the cool tune of the Ceelin Cool Chew Song. Jazz up the performance with some groovy moves and creative improvisation and your kids just may be on their way to becoming one of Php10,000 winners. The best videos will also star in the Ceelin official video, along with a secret guest celebrity.

To further the excitement, Ceelin has been visiting elementary schools around the nation. Along with their Cool Chew Crew, they travel around teaching kids the importance of eating right and drinking vitamin C through the Cool Chew Song.

How to join?


You can also watch the video mechanics HERE to get you all set.

Perfect your Cool Chew performance! Rehearse with the Ceelin Cool Chew Craze Practice Video

Ceelin Chewables is an orange-flavored, Vitamin-C tablet for kids. A dose of Ceelin Chewable tablet every day enhances the kids’ immune system, increases their appetite and keeps sickness at bay, allowing them to enjoy more fun activities at home and in school.

For more information and updates on the Ceelin Cool Chew Craze, you may visit the Ceelin Chewable fan page on Facebook.

Be A Good Tax Payer: How to Avoid Late Tax Payment


For individuals who are required to pay their taxes, it’s a wise decision to file your income tax return as early as possible to avoid penalties and interests. If you are busy as popcorn on a skillet prying from one task to another, emerging to your taxes obligation is almost neglected. So before you realize that you are already behind tax season, here are few tips (actually only three) to avoid late filing or payment of your corresponding taxes.

  • Be Organized. Highlight your priorities and eliminates unnecessary task. This will give you more time to work on important task lined up in your list. Being organized does not only boost your motivation in accomplishing a task, but it will also reduce pressure and stress.
  • Hire a Tax Professional. Filing your taxes is time consuming. Let’s face it; it’s something difficult to accomplish alone and most of the time it is best handled by a professional. So if this thing is too much to handle for you, leave it to the expert, hire tax professional to cover it up for you.
  • File an Extension. If you think you can’t meet the deadline, it’s so easy to file an extension. This will give you more time to prepare your tax documents and filing your income tax return. You can inquire at the Internal Revenue office in your area on how to file a tax extension and they will provide you tax extension information.

It only takes a few steps to be a good and responsible tax payer; go and climb those obstacles and take it one at a time. I hope this help ease your tax matters.







My Little Boy Met the Robots

I’ve been told to bring my toddler to the zoo so we could introduce him to the animal kingdom. I never get a chance to bring him to the zoo, until I received an invite from GeiserMaclang to the opening of the newest zoo in town. But take note, it’s not just an ordinary zoo, it’s a Robot Zoo! So the tot will be meeting the robot animals.

Graced with a good weather, together with my sister Aina, Ate Rhea and daughter Rem we head to the Robot Zoo at the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center  located on the 2nd Level South Side Entertainment Mall SM Mall of Asia. As we enter the zoo, the little one went cranky. But as we go exploring the zoo, eventually he was able to cave-in.

Here look at the tot as he get acquainted with those robot animals.







It was a great experience for the tot and for mom too coz there was no robot zoo during my childhood years. So while the tot is having fun, so am I. We had fun, thank you GeiserMaclang for the invite, for the snacks and loots as well.

The Robot Zoo is a highly-interactive exhibit that reveals the biomechanics of animals through giant robotic animal constructs, to give kids a better understanding and appreciation of some of nature’s most interesting creatures.

If you want to see those giant robotic animals, entrance fee at the Robot Zoo cost P200.00 or double the fun, Robot Zoo & Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center cost P500.00

For more information visit their website or check and like their Facebook Page.


The Good Side of Subscribing to Newsletters

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning my Inbox due to multifold emails. Almost every day I receive emails from family and friends; it’s our way of keeping our communication line open even if we’re a hundred miles away. Also, I am receiving numerous newsletters from my favorite blogs, shops and other business establishments thus keeping my Inbox loaded.

Email marketing in a newsletter form is one of the cheapest yet effective marketing strategies nowadays.  Although it overloads my inbox, I love receiving newsletters as they brought me to the latest craze and great deals from my favorite shops. So if you still don’t have a newsletter for your business you better get started now. You may visit Mad Mimi newsletter templates for ideas and templates needs.

Likewise for those Shopaholic and Shopaholic wannabe, start subscribing to newsletter of your favorite shops and be updated with the latest products and promos. I for one had booked discounted airfares for me and my family, not just once but several times. I booked my first discounted airfare during a trip to Hongkong with my boyfriend (now my husband) few years ago.


And I got a great deal; paying only half the original price, when I booked a ticket for my dad and sister who visited us in Kuala Lumpur last year.


The recent booking I made was for my hubby’s vacation to the Philippines this coming August. Got it booked during a 1 Peso Fare Promo (1 USD=41 PHP) by a local airline and I got big big discount.

Just because I get updates from our favorite airline, I get to save money. It really pays subscribing to newsletters. So don’t you dare miss out those exciting promos and discounts, go click that subscribe button and be updated before others does. Remember, early bird catches the worm!

This is a sponsored post for Mad Mimi, however, all the points and views are my own.



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My Tiny Wriggler

On a sunny day, few days before hubby went back overseas for work; my boys went for a swim to quench the heat. It was some sort of a father and son bonding. But just before they plunge themselves on the water, they were told that the swimming pool is still under preventive maintenance. So instead of them swimming, we end up doing a photo session with of course my tot as the model.

PhotobucketUnder the heat of the sun the tot was enjoying running and playing peak-a-boo with daddy. He never gets enough of running around from the pool area up to the club house looking for something (possibly) to amuse him. The pool and the clubhouse actually became an extension of his play room.

PhotobucketI had to destruct him from the tiring runs and peak-a-boo so he could take some rest. While it may look like he is resting, for him it’s another playing dimension. He gets bubbly while sitting on the deck chair and while looking at him, I can see a happy and smart toddler.

I just love capturing his stories. I never get tired looking at his pictures, from the day he was born, up until now that he is a wriggly toddler. How I wish I have screen as big as  projector screens so I could see better and bigger pictures. That I think would be more than fulfilling. More more bubbly pictures to come!

Oh…by the way, joining 366 BPC once again.