Tips in Raising a Child with Good Behavior

When I saw my toddler hitting someone, it caught my attention and it made me put my thinking cap and take action on that misbehavior. First step is always the hardest but I gotta get the ball rolling for the little one before it becomes a hard nut to crack.

Right now we are dealing with my child’s behavior and hopefully I could establish the foundation for good behavior using the following steps.

Stay cool, calm and collected. Whenever my child puts himself at risk, I always jitter with a semi hysterical voice and at a blink of an eye I would come to the rescue. Then I noticed that the more I jitter the more he aggravates. And so before I add fuel to the fire I tried to stay cool and calm (even if he startled me deep inside) while trying to convince him to stop whatever his doing (bad) in an even tone voice. I also bend down to his eye level and talk to him using short phrases. Our toddlers are still learning to listen and interpret the meaning of our words so avoid long statements so it would be easier for them to understand what you want him to do. Yelling won’t work either, it will just scare the tot and you just taught him to yell at others too. So if you’re feeling fired up about encouraging your tot to behave, trim down your angry voice to a minimum, believe me your tot will pay attention.

Set up Rules. When he hits his baby brother, he needs to go to his room for a time out. It works well for my tot, I was able to cut his hitting episodes in less than three weeks. Don’t be afraid to draw lines for your tot, just don’t overfill them with rules and don’t expect he will never cross. Once he crossed, be ready with your consequence. Just be fair and consistent with your consequence. In that way, we are giving our children an opportunity to learn the right behavior.

Let them be Heard. Yes, mother knows best, but let your child’s opinion be heard once in a while. Let them feel their opinion matters, that they have authority for themselves. So create options like, chicken or vegetables for lunchtime, will it be blue or red pajama for bedtime? That way you let him know he has some sense of control.

If there is a consequence for bad behavior, there should have a reward for the good and cheerful attitude you’ve worked hard to develop. It takes a lot of patience in cultivating your kid’s great behavior. So don’t get fired up, remember Rome was not built in one day.










5 thoughts on “Tips in Raising a Child with Good Behavior

  1. i believe that if you listen to what every kids will say they ail stay as very good kids as they can! i did that to my daughter. they need attention and care! they totally need to be heard. xx jane of xx

  2. it really breaks my heart to see my son misbehaves + lately he’s just discover the habit of hitting someone whenever he did not get his way. I never hit him + i do not think i will ever go that route, but I agree with you, one of the things that actually aggravates bad behavior is to have someone yell or shout at you + i am guilty of that at times! i guess i have to curb my misbehavior so that my little man can emulate the good ones….

    thanks for sharing these nifty tips! 😉

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