When A Dog Dies: Where Does He Go?

The rain is pitter-pattering our roof and suddenly it brings me back to my childhood; getting giddy while dancing, playing and bathing in the rain. How I wish I could still do that this time, but knowing that bathing and playing in the rain would mean wading through floods then forget about it. I suddenly remember Mojo (our dog) swimming and floating on the flood during typhoon Ondoy. Immediately, I gave him a quick bath using advantix for dogs on www.vetdepot.com right after the water subsided.

I never love dog when I was a kid and it was ironic that on a whim I adopted a dog. My loves for dogs ameliorate as I get exposed with dog lovers’ friends. Eventually I adopted Mojo, a cross breed of a Japanese Spits and Terrier. He was a playful and deliriously happy dog whom wereally love. Apart from his loyalty and the love he gave us, he brought happiness to the family. He was some sort of a smart dog; he greets everyone who enters our house except strangers. He guards the house and let us know when visitors come. He would warn us when there are strangers passing by, and the list will go on…


He was more than a best friend to us; he became part of the family that’s why there is a wave of nostalgia that sweeps over me right now as I remember Mojo. We just lost him last month due to an illness he wasn’t able to survive. His passing left us melancholic and made me wonder; when a dog dies, where does he go? Do dogs have soul like humans who goes either heaven or hell? This might sound a silly question, but hey, do you know where?







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  1. My sincerest condolences sis. We have also suffered the loss of our puppy just recently. But I’m sure, wherever they are, they’re most certainly happy and finally free from all sicknesses.

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