Mobility Device for Granny

Everyone will grow old and that’s a fact. Some wealthy people might consider a stem cell procedure to regenerate their immune system and make them feel better and younger but still, getting on years is really inevitable.

PhotobucketAnyone who has an old gray mare at home knows how important it is to have home care equipment for elderly. My grandma is living an old ripe age of 85 and has turned over the hill. Her walking difficulties are a cross to bear and she’s in a real pickle. That is why we want to give her a rollator to give her the luxury of strolling around. So when a close friend told me about Parent Giving store i become ardently interested so I immediately check their website.

I was a bit stunned upon checking their website as they have almost everything you need in care giving your elderly parents. They are probably a one stop shop store for your care giving needs. From simple skin care to bath safety, bedding, medical supplies, mobility devices and so fort, name it then you grab it from their store. Another thing is that, they are not only providing products for senior care, they also provide care management service   that will make your life (as a caregiver) easy and stress free. Isn’t it awesome?

So if you’re on an overwhelming task such as taking care of your aging parents or grandparents, I highly recommend parent giving store. They have all you need

12 thoughts on “Mobility Device for Granny

  1. Looks really handy and helpful. I might get my grandmother one of those to help her walking. The challenge only will be getting her to use it. Sometimes, grandparents can be a little bit stubborn when it comes to that.

  2. We live across an institution for the aged and most of the residents there have a rollator like that in the photo…even if they’re 80 or older they still manage to walk around the neighborhood. I would always help if they are to go up the bus, I would lift the rollator and hold the old woman/man by the hand too. It’s quite nice that buses were made to tilt so that they board the bus easily and that there are spaces allotted for them in the buses, trams and trains.

    They can also buy groceries and put them in that basket. 😀

  3. my mom has a similar device like the one shown in the picture, it is really very handy, an all-in-one device. we had hers custom made

  4. at first it looks dangerous and not safe at all but when I notice the break in front it gives me a relief for whoever will use it especially oldie

  5. This seems to be a really good device for the elderly! 🙂 If only my grandparents are still here, it would’ve been nice to see them use something like this.

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