A Light after the Dark Course

While sitting down and writing this post, sunlight passes through our window in the living room. Wow finally you showed up Mr. Golden Sun! The Filipino people have been waiting for you! Thank you Lord!

The monsoon rains have left so much destruction in Metro Manila and nearby towns. The aftermath of the recent calamity is heart breaking. Almost five days of heavy rains was no joke; people suffered helplessly, lives were claimed, some have lost their homes and many are still submerged in the flood.

But in the midst of disaster, people were not deterred. Many remain hopeful that everything will light up soon. And with the helping hands extended to the victims, they remain still and courageous. And as the sun rises this afternoon, together lets help the victims see the light after this dark course.

If you want to send donations in any kind, visit the links below for information on how and where to send your donations.

 Sagip Kapamilya and GMA News Online has compilation of relief centers.

2 thoughts on “A Light after the Dark Course

  1. hmmm, just as I’m reading this, the rain poured again. donations can also be sent through text, yung pa-piso-piso above lang…there’s really no way, that we cannot help and that’s the BAYANIHAN in all of us, Pinoys.

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