Barney and My Little Barney

My son is a real Barney Fanatic! He moves like a jagger whenever he hears Barney’s Theme song and more to Barney’s version of Teach Me How to Dougie. Show him Barney at any toy shop and he will surely wiggle like a worm in excitement. I remember he picked up a Barney Tumbler in a store and didn’t let go of it so I end up paying for the Tumbler.

That’s why when his daddy gave him that Barney stuff toy; he was on top of the world. He would pick it over Tiger and would cuddle it while sleeping.

Aside from the stuff toy and tumbler, he has few Barney Books and a Barney Costume which was a gift piled in the closet. Recently, while our “yayabel” is organizing his closet, the little one saw that Barney Costume and brought it to me while pointing to Barney’s image on the hood. Right there, I let him wore the clothes and took his snaps.



Thanks Tita Mina for that cutie Barney Costume!

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