Menstrual Cramps Home Remedy

My day would then be gloomy whenever I have menstrual cramps. My body loses energy and my whole day will be spent in the bed.

That was a familiar scenario when I was still single. And now that I am a mom spending the whole day in bed is impossible. So, when menstrual cramps hit me, I count on some home remedies I learned throughout the years of a nasty period.

Quite a few of my girlfriends also experienced menstrual cramps or better known to as dysmenorrhea before or during their period. Dysmonorrhea is caused by prostaglandins hormones which trigger uterine contraction during your period. It’s like a throbbing pain down in the lower abdomen and it could be mild to moderate pain and in some cases it could be severe pain.

While you may know lots of fantastic facts about your period, there are only few home remedies that can alleviate the pain such as:

Hot compress. Applying heat to your abdomen will ease the pain. Use pads or bottle filled with hot water and press it against your abdomen.

Pain killers. Oil or cream pain killers like deep heat or omega pain killers.

Regular exercise stimulates our muscles and has the ability to produce endorphins which is a natural pain killing chemical.

It is also important to eat more healthy food and trim down junk food intake. If those measures above do not ease the pain, it is advisable to see your doctor especially in severe pain cases.


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