Why We Should Balance Work and Family Life

Whether you sleep in a bed of nails or get up on the wrong side of the bed, you have to embrace the day and grace yourself early for work. Otherwise you have to shake your leg if you don’t want to put an end to your growing career.

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A big part of our life is spent working in order to keep us going in this complex world. Although it may seem like an everyday routine, work overwhelms people and has occupied a big part of our being that sometimes it interrupts our life – you forget your wedding anniversary, missed a play date with the kids, rescheduled a family trip and I can go on with the lists that perhaps caused your wife or kids sulking. It’s just sad that sometimes we have to set aside our family for a while due to our exigent work.

Normally, it is the father who plays the traditional breadwinner role. They are the ones working like a horse for the family while the mother stays at home do the house chores and attend to children’s needs. Hence the mother is dubbed as caring, attentive and apprehensive while father’s image is strict, veracious and unapproachable. And in the case of workaholic dads most kids suffer. They tend to be distant from their father and this result to a frosty father and child relationship. That is why having a work-family life balance is good and proper – you maintain a healthy good quality of life while relishing your progressive career.

I know quite a few of my friends who are not close to their father and I share the same script. However, there are still those who are able to balance their life and work and I salute them. It’s not to say that those who were not able to balance their work and family life are not good fathers, of course they are. They are working hard for the family and they deserve to be love and respected.

While it is important to balance your family and career it is also equally important to ensure your safety at work. Accident is not an ideal circumstance that everyone should take precautionary measures to avoid it.

But accident is accident. And if you are unfortunate to meet one while working, know your rights and entitlement. If there’s a knot between you and your employer seek professional help like that of First4lawyers. They will help you get over it and ensure that you get what is due to you. An accident at work claims from first4lawyers will definitely carry the day.

What is a generous salary to you if you have been living an unhappy – unhealthy family? It’s not just about the salary we receive at the end of the month, rather it’s about life, work and safety. Having a balance career and family life is perhaps the best salary in the world.

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8 thoughts on “Why We Should Balance Work and Family Life

  1. Spending time with your kids as much as you can is very important. They’ll be teens and adults soon enough, and before you know it, they wouldn’t want to spend time with you anymore even if you beg them to. 🙁

  2. I’m a hardworker, but I always make sure to have enough time for myself, for my family, friends and for God. In life, we should really find the balance. We can’t live without the other portion anyway so we should really prioritize the more important things in our life 🙂

  3. my kids are very lucky to have a father who always have time for them, my husband never misses a school event where our kids are participants,or any occasion that needs his presence, he always finds time for our family. both of us always prioritize our family among other things 🙂

  4. What a very enlightening post 🙂 To me it is very essential to have a work-life balance the reason why I am about to another career which can give me what I need.- enough money, time for me and my family and the desire to succeed of course in both my career and family 🙂

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