Basic Baby Sleeping Tips

Sleepless nights has become a part our new beginnings as a parents. As we all know new born babies have irregular sleeping pattern which means you have to stay awake when they are awake regardless of the time. As early as eight weeks babies sleep through the night for four-six hours, but not all babies can immediately reach this milestone which means stretching out your sleepless nights.This is the reason why I was keen on researching on baby’s basic sleeping habits as well as sleep facts. And here’s sharing some effective tips that I have just learned from few researches.

As early as 5 weeks I am trying to teach my son a sleeping habit to help my life easier during bed time.

Start teaching him the difference between day and night. Some babies are up all night and sleep all day. Remember that for the first few days this is normal to babies and you won’t be able to do much about this. Once he reaches 2 weeks old you can start teaching him the difference between day and night. During the day, play to him as much as you can, keep the room/house light and bright and don’t worry with the ordinary daytime noises. At night try not play to him, and keep the lights and noises low. Also try not to talk to him too much.

Know the signs that mean he is tired. Once the baby gets tired, it will be easy for them to fall asleep but you have to take note, that you don’t have to overtired him because it will be hard for them to fall asleep. If the baby is rubbing his eyes, pulling on his ear, or developing faint dark circles under his eyes that’s the sign that he is sleepy, then try putting him down in his crib. Just continue doing this and you’ll soon develop a sixth sense about your baby’s daily sleeping patterns.

Give him a chance to sleep on his own. It is said that how we settle the baby to bed is important. At the moment, it’s hard for my little one to sleep on his own. I often rock or nurse him to sleep. I just hope its not for long, because in the long run, for sure everytime he’s going to sleep he will be expecting me to rock or nurse him to sleep. Try to leave him alone to sleep.

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  1. Hey,
    thanks for your tips.
    Easier said than done when it comes to baby sleep, but I’m trying.
    I also found this article by Dr Sears very helpful – 31 Ways to Get Your Baby to Sleep and Stay Asleep –
    It’s hard but they will grow up someday …

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