Flower Girls: Understanding Her Role and Avoiding the Jitters

Whenever I attend weddings, aside from the bride’s awaiting entrance down the aisle, I am also looking forward to see the little members of the entourage. It’s exhilarating to see those adorable little girls in their lovely flowergirl dresses from weddington way toting a basket of petals being scattered on the bride’s path. I’m sure their moms are more than excited than I do.

Traditionally, flower girls are part of a wedding entourage. Although you may opt not to have flower girls, most church weddings that I have attended have flower girls. Ideally, flower girls are aged between 3 to 10 years old. They usually walk before the bride or the bride’s maid and it is believed that they symbolize the childhood of the bride.

For sure moms would love to see their little girls walking in the aisle with confidence. And when jitters attacks they will end up walking with their moms and if worst comes to worst they miss the entourage.

To avoid such scenario, here are a few tips that might help her understand and execute her role.

  • Carefully and properly explain her role. Perhaps a picture book similar to “The Little Flower Girl” by Linda Trace Brandon will help a lot.
  • Make sure they attend rehearsals to give her a glimpse of what would be happening during the wedding day. That way, she will be properly oriented and that will help her develop confidence.
  • Treat them accordingly so you’ll not scare them away. It will help them to be relaxed while walking down the aisle.

Having the nerve to do their role properly will surely make the experience memorable for both the little girls and their moms.


8 thoughts on “Flower Girls: Understanding Her Role and Avoiding the Jitters

  1. It’s always a challenge having kids perform the role of flower girl especially for younger ones as they tend to have their way so there role should really be explained to them.

  2. I remember my girls the first time they walked down as flower girls for a close friend, they made me proud for not having jitters…we did rehearse with the entourage twice…

  3. My daughter enjoys being a flower girl, no jitters whatsoever. Thank goodness! And yes, I love looking and taking photos of the little ones walking down the aisle, so adorable!

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