The Little One Hits the Potty

PhotobucketHoooray! The little one is potty trained! He has been diaper free all day! He will hold his manhood whenever he want to pee while he will run and sit down on the potty when he want to poop.

I started potty training the tot when he turned 17 months old and at 19 months he was already potty trained. For me, patience and consistency are the key a successful potty training attempt.

Below are few potty training tips base on our experience.

  • First and foremost, make sure you have the right equipment. A potty chair will make your training easier. There are various potty training chairs that are available these days. I have bought our 4n1 Gerbo potty training chair at the baby company at SM Department store for only PhP 330.00
  • Your baby might not be ready for this but make sure you are ready and determine to do this as consistency is very important in this training.
  • I started to let him pee on the when he wakes up every morning and after nap time. To make it easy, we demonstrated it so he could understand what we want him to do. At first he refuses to do it but we continue to encourage him to sit down and pee on the potty and eventually he get use to it and become a routine.
  • Come up with a potty song to entertain him while sitting down the potty.  I started with “sit down, sit down your rocking the boat” and later changed it to “sit down, sit down potty’s waiting”. LoL! I am not a good composer not even for children’s song.
  • Encourage him. Once training is underway, encourage him and escort him to the potty whenever he feels the urge to pee.
  • Give him praise. Do praise him after a successful pee or poo on the potty. We often clap and told him “good job” and he loves it whenever we praise him after using the potty. There are even times that he will inform others that he peed in order to get praises.
  • Give him a reward. Whenever he poo on the potty, we were overwhelmed. It was a very good job! and we gave him his favorite snack as a reward.
  • Lastly, make those tips a habit and sure your little one is on the way to be potty trained.
I’m soo glad that he is now able to hit the potty alone. It’s wonderful seeing him taking a short break from playing running to the potty for a pee or a good doo – doo – poo. 



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  1. That’s great! Your 19 months old toddler is already potty trained. I’m going to begin potty training my toddler next month. Hope everything goes well. Thanks for the tips!

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