Shaving with the Right Razor

Ever wonder how Super Mario look like without his bushy mustache? The scourge of evil turtles with red cap and blue overalls would probably look like a popular good looking teenage boy without his big bushy mustache. I’m sure he would be more than alluring to the super Princess Peach Toadstool just like how enticing my husband is after having his mustache and beard sheared. No wonder he made it a habit to shave as often as possible that’s why apart from a shaving cream he also keeps oil shaving for men in the bathroom.

While he had his shaving routine, I must admit that I am also dreaming of hair free, silky legs. It’s intimidating to wear those short shorts which are a fashion trend these days and so I think it’s about time to take a leap into the short pants era.

And to start with, choosing the right razor will surely pave my way to smooth, silky and hair free legs. Below are a few tips on how to pick the right razor which I got from my master shaver, my husband.

Disposable or not? For a beginner like me perhaps you would opt for disposable razor without worrying about changing the head. I prefer a disposable razor from a certain brand. However if you don’t like cuts and nicks go for electric or rechargeable razor. This will give you less nicks even on a close shave plus it can also be used even without shaving cream.

Safety. I was a bit afraid of using blades on my skin, I was afraid of cutting my skin which made me very careful when shaving. There are varieties of disposal razor with safety blades and guard wires to protect your skin from cuts and nicks.

Colors and size. On a lighter side, some consider razor’s colors and sizes. There are razors exclusively for women, likewise there ones for men. Razor’s color somehow separates male and female users. For me I prefer pink and purple.

The upshot. Everyone wants a good result, so whatever razor you use at the end choose the one that gives you good results. We have different hair and skin types so the one that works for you might not work for the others.

With my new razor, I will be shaving those hairs away and hoping that I could fearlessly wear short pants once I achieved that silky hair free legs.

This is a sponsored post for The Art of Shaving, however, all the points and views are my own.


5 thoughts on “Shaving with the Right Razor

  1. I don’t know the feeling of having leg hair, I’m so hairless I have to use eyebrow pencil all the time :/ But, I love those pink razors I gift my sister often 🙂

  2. That was a very graphic and funny intro. 🙂 I really had to envision mario without le mustache. 😛 I hate razors that easily gets rusty. Seems like this one is promising. 🙂 Nice review.

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