Sunday Reflection: The Help Line

A few days ago I noticed that I am a bit exasperated with my toddlers naughtiness. Yes, just like other toddler’s, he started to be naughty (in a bit). Last night I was feeling tired and sleepy and as we hit the bed, he still refuses to sleep. He keeps on bubbling, rolling and sometime pulling my hair (and that hurts). I was a little annoyed so I grabbed him pushing him down the bed. And just before he cries, my mind told me to be calm and patient.

Oh well, I may have a little patience with other things but when it comes to raising my children, I am trying to have a plenty of it. Patience creates a compassionate and respectful family environment. While losing our patience result in frustration and then to anger then into resentment. So just before I yell to the tot, I then heard myself and realize that I needed help.

Patience has always been my prayer, and before it gets the better of me, I had to call on the Lord for help. David says in Psalm 18:6 “In my distress I called to the LORD; I cried to my God for help.”  And there was God helping King David. Perhaps most of us called the Lord for help in our most distress situation, in situations where you think you can’t handle it anymore and only God alone can make a way for you. But Remember that even in lucid ordeals we met in life, God is always there to teach us, to help us.

As I processed my awful conduct, I learned to ask God for help in every step of acquiring that much needed patience. And up until now, it is still a process that needs time, prayers and courage and at the same time allowing Him to rectify my character towards being a good and responsible mom. It is said that the best parents have the patience, so if you think you can’t make it, why not take advantage of your help line. HE is just waiting for you to call.

Happy Sunday Everyone!


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