How to Encash SSS Maternity Reimbursement Check

I got my Maternity Reimbursement Check from SSS two weeks after filing for reimbursement. Mr. Postman had it delivered to our house. The following day I went to the bank to encash the check. The issuing bank was the Philippine National Bank, so I went to their nearest branch in our area. Upon entering the bank, the guard asked what transaction would I be doing. Upon telling him, he then instructed me to have a photocopy of the requirements.

You need to have a photocopy of the following:

Check issued by the Social Security System
2 Valid ID

After having the requirements, I queued and waited for my number to get called and there I was able to get my SSS Maternity Reimbursement in cash.

Yummy Strawberies | A New Favorite

Every parent would want their kids to be a healthy eater and I am glad that Zoe does. It seems that he’ll grow a fruit lover. Grapes, orange, apple and banana are just a few of his favorites and recently he added strawberry to the list. He’s got a bowl of yummy heart-shaped berries fresh from Bagiuo courtesy of his Tita Bhe.


Look how he enjoys the sweetness of red, heavenly delicious berries. Thanks a lot Tita Bhe!


Strawberry is a member of Rose Family and the only fruit that has seeds on the outside. a good source of vitamin c, folate, potassium and magnessium.  It’s a good anti-oxidant and detoxifier and it helps prevent high blood pressure and the growth of cancerous cells. It is said that a cup of strawberries has more vitamin C  than a whole orange. Being rich in folate makes strawberry ideal for pregnant women as it helps prevent birth defects.

Cethaphil Giveaway Winner

Congratulation to Itin Bique Calvo! You are the winner of our Cetaphil Giveaway. An email has been sent and I am waiting for a reply. If I will not receive a reply from her after 48 hours, I will select another winner.

Thanks to all who joined the Cetaphil Giveaway!

Zoe at I-Play

The first time we pass by the new I-Play in SM Marikina, Zoe keeps on pulling me to their place. Since we needed to get our groceries quickly I didn’t give him the chance to play. The next time we were in the area he was again ecstatic to go inside the I-play area and play. I guess I-Play is soo inviting to the little ones because they only use knee-high fence for the entire area making it almost open and visible in the middle of a huge hallway.

So after his haircut, I let him play with his Tita, while I went to the supermarket to buy some groceries. When I went back, I was surprised to see the little one still in the play area. We only booked for 20 minutes  and I supposed it was over for him. Well, it seems that he was really enjoying it there and he doesn’t want to leave the place which means his 20minutes have been extended. So I watched and waited for the playful little one.

i play

i play

i play

And when his time is over….

I-Play is located at the Ground Floor, (in front of SaveMore Supermarket) SM Marikina. It cost PhP 75.00 for 20 minutes and PhP 150.00 for an hour of play.




SSS Maternity Benefits


I have been a member of Social Security System even before graduating from college. I remember they used to have their booth in our school during our foundation week and they encourage the students to sign up. Right there, I became a member without monthly contribution until I had my first job.

I wasn’t totally aware of the benefits I am entitled of being an SSS member. All I know that every month a portion of my salary will be deducted for the SSS contribution, which I thought it was only a torture to my pocket. I never thought of those benefits until I get pregnant with my eldest. Although I gave birth to our son in Kuala Lumpur, I was still able to avail of the Maternity Benefits as I have continued paying the monthly contribution while working overseas and that made me qualified for the maternity benefits.

sss maternity benefits
For the second time, I have received my maternity reimbursement from SSS. So for preggy moms who are members of SSS, here’s how to avail of your maternity benefits.

First off, who are legible for maternity benefits? Ofcourse, female members who have paid at least three monthly contributions within the 12-month period immediately preceding the semester of her childbirth and has given the required notification of her pregnancy through her employer if employed, or to the SSS if voluntary or self-employed, OFW or separated member.

To notify SSS about your pregnancy, file a Maternity Notification. Of which you have to fill up MAT 1 form together with your ultrasound report. If you are employed, you can file through your company’s Human Resource or any SSS branch near you if you are a voluntary member. For OFW, authorization letter is required if applying through a representative. Be sure to file no more than 60 days from the date of conception. But you can still file Maternity Notification even if it’s way over 60 days. I have done this with my two pregnancies.

Then once you gave birth, you have to apply for maternity reimbursement. You will have to fill up the maternity reimbursement form commonly known as Mat 2 and submit it to the nearest SSS branch together with your notification and your child’s birth certificate. Then just wait for your check to be delivered to your house. I received mine, two weeks after filing for reimbursement.

On my next post I will share how to incash check issued by SSS.



The Free Anniversary Gift

Our phone rang, the caller wanted to talk to the person whom the telephone was registered. Yes that’s me. She asked for my name and then informed me that our phone number was one among the 20winners of their so called “free anniversary gift”. Oh really? She then gave me a code number which according to her has a corresponding prize. The code together with two valid id’s are the passport in claiming the prize at their redemption center at “Hilton” – Sta. Lucia East Grandmall, 3rd floor in front of Max’s Restaurant. According to the lady I only have two days to claim the prize. Alright.

You think I will rush to go and claim my prize when in fact I didn’t join any contest conducted by “Hilton”. Instead I asked mr.Google about this and found out that there have been similar scenarios happening in town and they seem to be a scam. That helps me decide not to go and claim the said “anniversary gift”. A day after that call, somebody from the same company called again reminding me about the “anniversary gift”. According to her I have to go and claim it, otherwise the prize will be forfeited. I didn’t mention that I don’t have plans of claiming the prize and so the following day, I received another call from them reminding me again to claim my prize. I thought I only have two days to claim then why do you keep on bugging me to claim the prize? Hmmm.sound scammylol.

Too good to be true. If you have been contacted with almost the same strategy, think twice, it wouldn’t hurt if you do a little research about the matter to avoid those scammers around.




Loving My Blogging Drive!

Last night, before hitting the sack, I was chatting with one of my girlfriends who is based in Millan. I realize it has been a while that we haven’t heard from each other so I was glad to catch her in the chatroom. While catching up, I found out that she has been following my blogs. She also mentioned that she is learning from my blog posts. Wow! It was really good to know that someone is learning from my posts. That convinced me that somehow I am writing quality and informative posts.

Such compliment inspires me to keep on blogging and writing quality posts. I am currently maintaining several blogs for almost three years now and never thought that I would go this far. I thank all the people in the blogosphere whom I have met and shared their knowledge. Without you, I think my blogging journey wouldn’t be as good as it is right now. I definitely am loving my blogging drive!

photo from

If you would like to have your own blog or site but don’t know where to start, here are a few tips that will help you build your own website or you can also visit for an easier website building.

  • Start by registering a Domain Name. But before registering a domain name, think of what niche you’ll be writing. Then create a domain name according to your desired niche. It would also be better if your domain name and and your blog title are the same.
  • Choose a Web Hosting. For your blog to be seen on the world wide web, you’ve got to have a web host. There are various web hosting companies available today and they offer a reasonable fee.
  • You are now close to having your own website. The next thing would be setting up your blog / site. If you choose to have a self hosted blog, you will be given a control panel which will allow you to set up your blog. Then install a publishing platform like wordpress. Once installed, hooolaaa! you now have your own site. (There is a lot of tutorial online on how to install wordpress, just google it).

That’s it. You can start blogging right away. Soon blogging will be a part of your daily routine. Just remember to write quality blog posts to attract Mr. Google. Happy Blogging!


Memorabilia: Scrapbook for the Little One

I’m a doting mommy who loves capturing the precious moments of our children. I then have tons of pictures of them in our memory cards, hard drives and even in small flash drives. Yesterday, I was browsing these pictures and as I go through it, I realize that they would look great in frames rather than burying them in those storage devices. Also hanging them  in frames on our plain white boring walls will definitely add wall aesthetics.

Obviously, I haven’t printed their pictures for quite a long time so I am planning to get a new Konica-Minolta toner cartridges so I could print them instead of sending it to the printing shop. Aside from hanging their pictures on our walls, some sort of creative idea spark in me. I suddenly found myself starting a digital scrapbook for my son. I am not really into scrapbooking but the idea of personalizing and decorating an album through scrapbooking outshines the usual filling of pictures in a plain looking album. This could be a good memorabilia which will allow me to go back to it anytime I wish once they’re grown up. Sure, that is something  most parents would love to browse from time to time.

Good thing there are scrapbooking freebies online, it really made digital scrapbooking easier. Soon I will be printing them probably after I get a 247inktoner updates. Oh by the way here is a glimpse of Zoe’s scrapbook, I hope you like it.

baby boy scrapbook

An Event for Future Entrepreneur: JUNIOR PRENEUR

I guess we all have an entrepreneurial spirit. But it’s our mindset that will determine our business success. Creative and innovative minds are perhaps the key to being an extraordinary entrepreneur and those traits can be easily acquired if you nurture at an early age. Most of the successful entrepreneurs in the world started their business at an early age. So nurturing our children to have an entrepreneurial mind set will prop up his own success story someday.

If you are nurturing an entrepreneur or eager to raise an entrepreneur then you shouldn’t miss Junior Preneur Event happening on November 10, 2012 at People’s Village Tiendesitas.


Junior Preneur aims to raise the nation’s level of financial literacy through business-minded kids who can easily learn how to handle money the proper way despite a very young age.

Here’s what awaits you in this event:

  • The Junior-preneur Show – an exercise in entrepreneurship for young minds. Where kids can be entrepreneurs even for just a day.
  • Junior Preneur is a an event putting together kids with entrepreneur drive.  They can sell anything they want, anyway they want.
  • A bazaar which will be a good venue for teaching children the value of hard work and even how to handle disappointment.
  • An early training, be sort of a practicum for all that our kids have learned in school.
  • For competitive parents and kids, their creativity will be awarded.  The event is a contest itself  where will be awards such as : Most Visited booth, Best in Booth design, Most unique concept and Highest sales booth.

So, save the date and Join Junior Preneur where you can teach your kids how to: earn, save, and donate to charity!

For more information, visit their website and Facebook page and don’t forget to hit LIKE!

If you are interested in joining the Bazaar, Booth Reservations are available.

Below are the Mechanics:

  • Join the Junior Preneur Bazaar – Call the secretariat office at 404-5736, last few booths are priced at P1,000 NOW Originally at P3,000 and P1,500 NOW Originally at P5,000.
  • Choose the booth location – total of 50-60 booths for this event (2x3m area business booth with steel partitions and ready electrical outlet)
  • Think of what concept or a unique name of your booth
  •  Submit all requirements to Secretariat office
  •  On Nov. 10, Kids will man their booth and sell!

See you there!



How About A Limo Ride for the Whole Family?

Recently my toddler has been so enthusiastic in playing basketball. He would drag me or anyone in the house to play with him and would want a cheer everytime he shoots the ball. It’s fun and amusing and it makes my tot exhilarated. It’s like this everyday and I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a good basketball player someday. I also find it fun and amusing but sometimes it tuckered me out. Ohthat makes me feel getting on in years this early. For a while I would take a rest for a breather. While basking in the couch something popped up in my mind. How about bringing the whole family for a day of limo ride for a change? Sounds really fantastic and I wonder how will the tot feel riding a limo for the first time. I hope I can find something like Washington DC Limo service.

That fancy thought reminds me of our first landing in Kuala Lumpur. Transferred to our Kuala Lumpur branch, husband and I (we worked in the same company before) touched down Kuala Lumpur with only a map and our office address. Although we are excited to see the famous Twin Towers, it was such a ghastly feeling being in an all new place, where we are totally a stranger. We don’t know anyone, and we certainly don’t know where to go. So seeing our names boldly printed in a semi huge paper while having our way out of the arrival area of Kuala Lumpur International Airport, was really a breather.

The guy introduced himself, he was Ali from a limousine service company and he will be taking us to our destination. Wait, did I just hear limousine? You will be taking us to our destination in a limo? I was supposed to ask those when he escorted us to the limo. Oh yes we will be transported by a limo; I am soo dull when it comes to car, but as far as my memory serves me right, it was a Mercedes Benz. Although it wasn’t that long like the usual limo that we use to see when we were stationed in Dubai, it was a classy car and I felt like we were VIP’s having that ride.

Petronas Twin Tower
Seeing the Petronas Twin Tower for the First Time, 3 years ago…

After a long hours of flight, it gave us a comfortable and relaxing loll just before we met our bosses. Definitely was a fantastic experience. I hope my boys will also experience it. Looking forward for that limo ride day with the family.

This is a sponsored post for Skyhawk Limousine, however, all the points and views are my own.