Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to saving money on utility bills, there are a number of things you could do. You could look at any energy that you use needlessly, try to cut back on the amount you use or even look at generating your own electricity. However, it could simply be a case of looking at the appliances in your kitchen and seeing if there are any energy efficient alternatives such as a new Fridge Freezer from, as they use less energy than older models.

 energy efficient kitchen appliances

Energy efficient appliances are commonplace nowadays and with good reason. Many appliances built as recently as a decade ago relied on a huge supply of electricity in order for them to work properly, but modern smart appliances use much less energy now. The typical fridge freezer now uses up to 42% less electricity than one made three decades ago, which speaks volumes about how inefficient old appliances were compared to now.

When looking for a new energy efficient fridge freezer, how can you tell that it uses less energy than normal? You should look at how big it is and whether it’s the right size for you and your family. Make sure it’s not too big, as bigger usually means more electricity-hungry. Single-door fridge freezers use less energy than split-door models. Also, fridge freezers with the freezer compartment at the bottom are better as you’re likely to spend less time with the freezer door open.

 energy efficient kitchen appliances
It’s not just modern fridge freezers that are becoming more efficient in terms of the energy they use. A Washing Machine found at appliances direct will also use less energy than older models, as well as less water, while tumble dryers, ovens and even dishwashers are greener than ever. When you decide to buy your new energy efficient appliance or appliances, make sure that you dispose of your old ones safely rather than keeping and using it, as that could result in another hundred dollars or so added to your bills.

Mark Kelly, from UK retailer Appliances Direct, is completely behind these technological improvements and said “anything that an everyday appliance can do to make people’s lives easier must be a good thing and it shows how new technologies and innovations can help improve existing pieces of household technology or equipment”

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  1. Adding some modern kitchen appliances will obviously add value to your kitchen space. Moreover, you will feel easy to cook your favorite delicacies for your family and guests. Energy efficient kitchen appliances will be an added benefit for sure. I will buy some for my kitchen this week. Thank you for sharing this post with us as it carries a lot of information about modern and energy efficient kitchen appliances and other products.

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