How About A Limo Ride for the Whole Family?

Recently my toddler has been so enthusiastic in playing basketball. He would drag me or anyone in the house to play with him and would want a cheer everytime he shoots the ball. It’s fun and amusing and it makes my tot exhilarated. It’s like this everyday and I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a good basketball player someday. I also find it fun and amusing but sometimes it tuckered me out. Ohthat makes me feel getting on in years this early. For a while I would take a rest for a breather. While basking in the couch something popped up in my mind. How about bringing the whole family for a day of limo ride for a change? Sounds really fantastic and I wonder how will the tot feel riding a limo for the first time. I hope I can find something like Washington DC Limo service.

That fancy thought reminds me of our first landing in Kuala Lumpur. Transferred to our Kuala Lumpur branch, husband and I (we worked in the same company before) touched down Kuala Lumpur with only a map and our office address. Although we are excited to see the famous Twin Towers, it was such a ghastly feeling being in an all new place, where we are totally a stranger. We don’t know anyone, and we certainly don’t know where to go. So seeing our names boldly printed in a semi huge paper while having our way out of the arrival area of Kuala Lumpur International Airport, was really a breather.

The guy introduced himself, he was Ali from a limousine service company and he will be taking us to our destination. Wait, did I just hear limousine? You will be taking us to our destination in a limo? I was supposed to ask those when he escorted us to the limo. Oh yes we will be transported by a limo; I am soo dull when it comes to car, but as far as my memory serves me right, it was a Mercedes Benz. Although it wasn’t that long like the usual limo that we use to see when we were stationed in Dubai, it was a classy car and I felt like we were VIP’s having that ride.

Petronas Twin Tower
Seeing the Petronas Twin Tower for the First Time, 3 years ago…

After a long hours of flight, it gave us a comfortable and relaxing loll just before we met our bosses. Definitely was a fantastic experience. I hope my boys will also experience it. Looking forward for that limo ride day with the family.

This is a sponsored post for Skyhawk Limousine, however, all the points and views are my own.

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