An Event for Future Entrepreneur: JUNIOR PRENEUR

I guess we all have an entrepreneurial spirit. But it’s our mindset that will determine our business success. Creative and innovative minds are perhaps the key to being an extraordinary entrepreneur and those traits can be easily acquired if you nurture at an early age. Most of the successful entrepreneurs in the world started their business at an early age. So nurturing our children to have an entrepreneurial mind set will prop up his own success story someday.

If you are nurturing an entrepreneur or eager to raise an entrepreneur then you shouldn’t miss Junior Preneur Event happening on November 10, 2012 at People’s Village Tiendesitas.


Junior Preneur aims to raise the nation’s level of financial literacy through business-minded kids who can easily learn how to handle money the proper way despite a very young age.

Here’s what awaits you in this event:

  • The Junior-preneur Show – an exercise in entrepreneurship for young minds. Where kids can be entrepreneurs even for just a day.
  • Junior Preneur is a an event putting together kids with entrepreneur drive.  They can sell anything they want, anyway they want.
  • A bazaar which will be a good venue for teaching children the value of hard work and even how to handle disappointment.
  • An early training, be sort of a practicum for all that our kids have learned in school.
  • For competitive parents and kids, their creativity will be awarded.  The event is a contest itself  where will be awards such as : Most Visited booth, Best in Booth design, Most unique concept and Highest sales booth.

So, save the date and Join Junior Preneur where you can teach your kids how to: earn, save, and donate to charity!

For more information, visit their website and Facebook page and don’t forget to hit LIKE!

If you are interested in joining the Bazaar, Booth Reservations are available.

Below are the Mechanics:

  • Join the Junior Preneur Bazaar – Call the secretariat office at 404-5736, last few booths are priced at P1,000 NOW Originally at P3,000 and P1,500 NOW Originally at P5,000.
  • Choose the booth location – total of 50-60 booths for this event (2x3m area business booth with steel partitions and ready electrical outlet)
  • Think of what concept or a unique name of your booth
  •  Submit all requirements to Secretariat office
  •  On Nov. 10, Kids will man their booth and sell!

See you there!



3 thoughts on “An Event for Future Entrepreneur: JUNIOR PRENEUR

  1. Such a nice event for kids. It’s good for kids to learn about entrepreneurship at an early age to help them develop ideas that they can use in the future.

  2. What a fantastic idea, I would love to organize something like this in my city!

    If you want to keep your budding business kid encouraged throughout the year take a look at There are hundreds of hands on , easy and fun activities to help increase the financial and business smarts of children.

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