Memorabilia: Scrapbook for the Little One

I’m a doting mommy who loves capturing the precious moments of our children. I then have tons of pictures of them in our memory cards, hard drives and even in small flash drives. Yesterday, I was browsing these pictures and as I go through it, I realize that they would look great in frames rather than burying them in those storage devices. Also hanging them  in frames on our plain white boring walls will definitely add wall aesthetics.

Obviously, I haven’t printed their pictures for quite a long time so I am planning to get a new Konica-Minolta toner cartridges so I could print them instead of sending it to the printing shop. Aside from hanging their pictures on our walls, some sort of creative idea spark in me. I suddenly found myself starting a digital scrapbook for my son. I am not really into scrapbooking but the idea of personalizing and decorating an album through scrapbooking outshines the usual filling of pictures in a plain looking album. This could be a good memorabilia which will allow me to go back to it anytime I wish once they’re grown up. Sure, that is something  most parents would love to browse from time to time.

Good thing there are scrapbooking freebies online, it really made digital scrapbooking easier. Soon I will be printing them probably after I get a 247inktoner updates. Oh by the way here is a glimpse of Zoe’s scrapbook, I hope you like it.

baby boy scrapbook

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