The Free Anniversary Gift

Our phone rang, the caller wanted to talk to the person whom the telephone was registered. Yes that’s me. She asked for my name and then informed me that our phone number was one among the 20winners of their so called “free anniversary gift”. Oh really? She then gave me a code number which according to her has a corresponding prize. The code together with two valid id’s are the passport in claiming the prize at their redemption center at “Hilton” – Sta. Lucia East Grandmall, 3rd floor in front of Max’s Restaurant. According to the lady I only have two days to claim the prize. Alright.

You think I will rush to go and claim my prize when in fact I didn’t join any contest conducted by “Hilton”. Instead I asked mr.Google about this and found out that there have been similar scenarios happening in town and they seem to be a scam. That helps me decide not to go and claim the said “anniversary gift”. A day after that call, somebody from the same company called again reminding me about the “anniversary gift”. According to her I have to go and claim it, otherwise the prize will be forfeited. I didn’t mention that I don’t have plans of claiming the prize and so the following day, I received another call from them reminding me again to claim my prize. I thought I only have two days to claim then why do you keep on bugging me to claim the prize? Hmmm.sound scammylol.

Too good to be true. If you have been contacted with almost the same strategy, think twice, it wouldn’t hurt if you do a little research about the matter to avoid those scammers around.




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  1. Despite the many warning in the social networking sites and emails, there are still people who become victims of different types of scams. I just hope this caller will stop bothering you.

  2. it’s a good thing you knew better than to fall for the scam. it’s happened to me, too, quite a number of times actually and we don’t even have a landline at home! i wonder what these people get from scamming other people.

  3. the same scenario happened to me, just a few hours ago, she asked for my name and my mother’s name. she said the exact same thing to claim the prize in sta.lucia, hilton beside max’s restaurant. since our landline number was chosen to receive the free gift, she gave me the code, . so i asked for their company name, she said it was “UTAMA ELECTRONICS” . i searched it in google, and there was no company that was named Utama. then i found this, i don’t know if that call was legit, but it’s better to be on the safe side. right? but they didn’t ask for my exact address just our location. and i also asked for her name, she said it was ” Maricar Quizon”. i mean, what are they planning? to wait for us to leave our house and break in when we’re gone?

  4. I just received a phone call regarding this just now. That’s why I googled it and found this post. She wants me to pick it up from Hilton as well. No money involved daw. Wow.

  5. Same scenario here, and this time it’s in Iloilo. They told me to claim the price at Green Top Atrium Mall, Iloilo City. Exact description on how to claim the prize. Good thing I found this post before being fooled. Thanks very much! God bless us all.

  6. Same here a few hours ago someone called and told me our number is a winner of a free gift from utama electronic,,she told me to bring to valid id,, she said no money is involve it is just for pick up only and no seminar also,, she told me look for ms joy,,i just told them ok ok ok ,,i think twice maybe another scam so i search for the anniversary of utama and this is what pop up,,ur comments,,tnx for the info

  7. my wife received the exact same call about “UTAMA ELECTRONICS”. I knew it was a scam right away. My wife search about it and found this site.

  8. I’m from Iloilo City and here they go again. Few minutes ago a caller introduced herself as Michelle and told me about the anniversary of utama electronics.she explained further that it’s a Malaysian company celebrating their anniversary and they’re giving free gifts to people of Iloilo province this time for only 20 people.but before she went further, I interrupted and asked her if utama electronics is the same company i visited at Iloilo Atrium Mall last year who happened to have the same scheme and she replied that the company i visited there was just their redemption center for the free gift that they are giving out.actually last year they have been calling us but unfortunately it wasn’t me who have answered their calls because they made it a point in calling our number during weekday and at office it was only my father who answered them and for about 4X that they have called and reminded my father to tell me to claim their gift. i decided to visit that redemption center just to stop them from calling again and again. when i entered their place, i can see a usual office space with tables and chairs as well as uniformed ladies. they approached me and asked if what wass my business with them and so i told them that i will claim the gift (there were 2 ladies who entertained me). the 1st lady took a piece of paper and handed to me with an instruction that i need to fill it up completely while the 2nd lady was moving towards a corner while saying “i’ll get a glass of juice for sir” (hmmm…why do they have to treat me like a VIP?)..but before the juice was served to me (and i was still holding the paper), i already had an argument with the 1st lady when i asked her what is the gift to be given and when she replied to me that it will ONLY be known after i have completely filled up the paper (ting! a bell rang on my head which prompted me to suspect something is wrong already) i immediately looked at the paper and found that the info asked in there were all about my personal circumstances. without any hesitation, i confronted the two ladies and told them to claim that “GIFT” on my behalf but i will never ever fill up their form. i walked out and they never even bothered to stop me or to further explain their side..

    and a while ago i asked the caller if they are authorized by PLDT, she replied that they are not.

    so please let us inform our friends of this new “modus operandi” or scam so that they will not fall victim into it.

  9. same here, just got a call today from NEC (Neureun Electronic Company) with almost same scenario. I am almost convinced to the point that I decided to go to Hilton Claiming Center in Harrison Plaza to claim my gift. But before doing so, I decided to browsed the net and come across this blog plus another one which has the same story. Thanks a lot Momsicle! 🙂

  10. Thank’s for the warning, papunta na sana ako to claim my gift, pero napaisip din ako katulad nyo, so I decided to search about norion electronics corp. Anniversary at ang mga comments nyo ang nabasa ko…… salamat

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