Another Vrooom!

My son zoe is soo much into cars, that proves that he really is a boy. This month he got another addition to his cars growing collection. A yellow remote controlled WFTRCE car which I think an early Christmas gift from his Uncle Bong.

He was so excited to open it and for almost the whole day he keeps on playing with the new vrooom and he even slept with it. Oh really a new buddy. I hope when you had your real vrooom you’ll be a good and responsible driver in the future.

Thanks to my brother in law, kuya Bong for the gift, the little one was soo happy!

If I were to Buy a Vacation House

I just feel a little exhausted with the hassle and bustle of the city life that sometimes I wish we had a vacation house away from the bustling city so anytime I wanted to skip the city life I have a place to run to.

Having your own vacation house is definitely a great thing and a good investment as well. While I may have dreams of having our own, purchasing a vacation house might not be healthy for our pocket since we just bought our own house three years ago. But we are still thinking about it and if ever we were to buy a vacation house I would prefer louisville homes service for faster and easier transaction. We had a not so good  experience with our previous broker so I’d be better in choosing a broker the next time we buy a house. To me unparalleled service is very important and LouisvilleHomesFast has it. They value their clients and so they offer complete satisfaction.

It’s really good to be the queen of your own home, I bet most moms out there can relate with what I’m saying. So if you are planning to purchase your own house in the next few years, check out Louisville Home, especially if you are around Kentucky area.


The Gifting Guide for a Fashionista

There’s no doubt that clothes, accessories, and beauty products are the most difficult items to buy for a fashionista. While fashionistas love their clothing, they can be picky about what items occupy precious space in their wardrobe and make the final cut to be worn out in public. It’s easy to just buy gift cards for all your fashionable friends, but gift cards can lack the heart and joy of giving and receiving. If you do want to give a gift card, be discerning about the type and strategic about what it will buy.

hair extension
Some appropriate items to use gift cards to purchase include makeup, hair extensions, eyelash extensions, or spa days. As a rule of thumb, if the item is something that needs to match a skin or hair tone, or is a product it’s best to go for the gift card. That way, the recipient can consult the professionals to find what would be a best fit for her skin, hair, and lifestyle.  Just be sure to include a meaningful card, or another small gift to go along with the gift card – otherwise the recipient might feel as though you didn’t consider her important enough to think through what she might like. Take time to write a personal card or add a small, sentimental gift that will mean something to her in addition to the gift card.

Though purchasing clothing or accessories for a fashionista can seem daunting, if you can find something she will truly like and cherish, no gift is better than something she will proudly wear. And she’ll be impressed with your discerning eye. Ask her to set up a Pinterest account and pin a few items that she likes, so you can get a feel for her overall style. It also obviously helps to pay attention to what she’s wearing, but if you are also aware of what she’d like to be wearing or what she might consider buying for herself, even if she doesn’t currently own it, you’ll have a much better understanding of her tastes.

You could also spend a bit of time having her look through magazines and pointing out items she likes. During a non-holiday time, ask her for all her measurements – clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. and keep a list handy for both holidays and random surprise gifts that will honor her.

Perfect Locks is a web site that offers a variety of Indian hair extensions and more! Learn more about Perfect Locks by stopping by their About Me section on the site and don’t forget to check out their Facebook and Twitter page as well. Plus, browse the huge hairstyle picture galleries and read up on the latest fashion, beauty trends and tips on their blog.



Gotta Fly Soon!

Yey! Finally after almost a month of waiting, my son has his passport. He is getting ready to visit his Dad in Kuala Lumpur next month (hopefully).

I’m just grateful that my son’s passport application was very convenient.   Thanks to the newly opened DFA NCR-East located on the 7th floor of SM Megamall Building C, EDSA corner J. Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City. Kudos to the Department of Foreign Affairs for the advancement of their service!

DFA NCR-East is  open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Mondays to Saturdays, for both processing and releasing and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays for releasing only.

Unique Gifts Ideas from Spencer

Its  mid November and I really felt that Christmas is around the corner. I assume a lot of people are already having an early Christmas shopping to avoid the rush come December. I have yet to make a list of things to buy for Christmas. But before Christmas shopping, I’ll be throwing out a party this weekend for my birthday.

November is not only my birth month, I get to attend many birthday parties during November because many of my relatives and friends are celebrating their birthdays too. I guess November is the busiest month for me when it comes to attending parties. Two cousins celebrated their birthdays last week and for next week a cousin will be celebrating a major milestone as he turns 21. And that keeps me scouting for a nice gift for him. Buying gifts for someone is not an easy task especially if the recipient is a boy, I always run short of ideas and I end up with the usual gifts I use to give to boy friends like t-shirts, cap and belt to make it safe and to make sure that they will use it.


And just before I run out of ideas, I came across, surprisingly they offer lots of fun and unique gift ideas which that solve the knot. Spenceronline helps us pick the perfect birthday gifts for our friends and love ones. They’ve got lots of items to choose from that will suit different personalities.  Click here to find 21st Birthday ideas similar to the picture on the right.

So choosing the perfect gifts is easier now because Spencer is here to help us. They have even made shopping easier through their online shop and the good thing about it is they ship their products to 220 countries. So the next time you’re looking for gifts for your love ones, you know where to shop.

Kids at Work at the The Junior Preneur Bazaar

PhotobucketLast November 10, Zoe and I visited Tiendesitas to check out Junior Preneur, it’s an extraordinary bazaar promoting entrepreneurship for children and at the same time teaching them the importance of earning their own money.


Seeing those little ones in their yellow shirt, manning their respective booths transported me back to a chapter in my childhood. I remember having a handful amount of money after Christmas. Instead of shopping for a new clothes or a pair of shoes, I opted to buy a few snacks and candies so I could start my mini “sari-sari” store. To sell the goodies, I hang them on our window so I could easily attract customers. Although it may only sound like a game of an enthusiastic kid, it was selling pretty well and from that mini “sari-sari” store Grandma decided to expand it and thankfully up until now it is still profitable. How I wish there was Junior Preneur during those years.

Cupcakes, candies, clothing, accessories, toys are just among the numerous goodies the little ones were selling. There was also a program to entertain everyone present in the Bazaar. Zooger and Zooey move like a jagger as they perform while Disney the dog were amazing. (I hope I got their names right).


My toddler didn’t know what was going on, I guess he is too young (23 months) for this kind of event, and so it was me, the mom who had a blast at the Junior Preneur. The only booth that caught his attention was Zoomanity’s booth.Perhaps it was because of this mini basketball ring.


Two thumbs up to the event organizers for coming up with this advocacy. It’s about time that we teach our children the value of money and give them a better understanding on how it is earned.  Congratulations for the successful event Junior Preneur! Not only you had stirred the entrepreneurship in children but also my entrepreneurial spirit as well.

Drypers is Giving Away Prizes, Grab them Now!


Drypers Philippines is giving away prizes to loyal moms and dads out there. It’s a way of rewarding their loyal consumers. My babies are using Drypers and good thing I have kept the empty packs and soon will be sending it to SCA to redeem prizes.

So moms and dads don’t throw away Drypers empty packs, you can grab prizes at out of it. Each pack has corresponding points below:

The following Drypers pack have the corresponding points:

LCP — 1 point
MINI — 3 points
CONVENIENCE — 6 points
JUMBO — 10 points
MEGA — 15 points

And then the points can be used to redeem gifts or gift certificates for free.
Below are the prizes:

Mercury Drug P100 GC = 30 points
Starbucks P100 GC = 30 points
National Bookstore P100 GC= 30 points
The Spa P1,000 GC = 200 points
Sodexo P100 GC= 30 points
Movie Tickets Ayala Cinemas P200 worth = 60 points
Army Navy P100 GC = 30 points
Bruno’s Haircut P100 GC = 30 points
Petron E-Card- P100 GC = 30 points
Toys’ R Us P100 GC= 30 points
Baby Monitor = 180 points
Avent Bottle = 150 points
Drypers Baby Bath Towel = 30 points
Drypers Baby Shirt = 30 points
Drypers Umbrella = 30 points
Drypers Collared Shirt= 30 points
Drypers Accessories Package worth P200 worth = 60 points

I’d love to have National Bookstore and ToysRus gift certificate so I could have books and toys for the little ones.

Hurry send in your empty packs now. For more information, visit their

The Pretty Translator

I find it amazing how moms get to understand when their child start to babble in a language. My Zoe has his own language which sounds foreign to others and I just love it when cousins and friends asks me to translate his own language. Should I say I am my son’s official translator? Well, definitely I am his pretty translator.

Nanny = Barney
Mamouse = Mickey Mouse
Taty = Daddy
Tatu = Tito (uncle)
Mol = Ball
Momon = Pupu
Tos = Shoot
Ash = Rice
Pash = Flush
mile = smile
Tis = train
Cak = car
Atach = watch
mak = bike
mye = bye

Those were just a few of Zoe’s vocabulary. He has got his own vocabulary of assigning names around him and it’s up to me to figure out what he’s saying. We at home are trying to teach him the right words and at his age, 23 months we are happy to see him slowly improving his vocabulary. Sure he’ll be able to talk soon.

A Few Things Worth Considering Before Buying A Recliner Chair for Your Home

A comfy chair is definitely a treat for your aching back after a hard day at work. If this idea sounds good to you then you might want to take home a recliner chair particularly a leather recliner chairs. Buying a recliner chair is easy but you’ve got to consider few things in order to find a recliner that will fit your body and budget.

So before you take home a recliner, consider the following:

Budget. Sure it’s relaxing sitting down on a recliner chair but finding a recliner that will fit your budget isn’t as relaxing. If you are not willing to spend much on a recliner, set a budget and make sure you stick with it. If you are on a budget, consider those with inexpensive fabric but with decent and durable frames. If you are planning to buy more than one recliner then a wholesale furniture brokers coupons will give you a lot of savings.

Durability.  You wouldn’t want to see your recliner break down prematurely. Take time to inspect the frame’s materials. As much as possible avoid those low quality frame material as this may cause recliners to retire early.

Design. Recliners might be a good accent chair so consider the design of the room where you want to put your recliner.

Test it. Recliners are designed to provide comfort, so before buying, it wouldn’t hurt to test it. Sit on it for a few minutes to find out if it gives you total comfort. Check the cushion, is it soft or bumpy? How’s the headrest? Does it support your head? How’s the footrest and the rise and recline features. Make sure it satisfies the kind of comfort you need.

Recliner chairs are quite expensive so make sure you are spending for a quality comfort that you desire.




Cetaphil Products Giveaway Winner

Hello readers! I hope you are enjoying the long vacation. While most of you are hoping for another trick or treat I’m gonna pick another winner of my Cetaphil Product Giveaway. Unfortunately my first winner did not respond to my email. It seems that she’s on an early Halloween vacation.

Watch the video to find out whose the winner.

Congratulation the winner of our Cetaphil Giveaway. An email has been sent and I am waiting for a reply. If I will not receive a reply from her after 48 hours, I will (again) select another winner.