Cetaphil Products Giveaway Winner

Hello readers! I hope you are enjoying the long vacation. While most of you are hoping for another trick or treat I’m gonna pick another winner of my Cetaphil Product Giveaway. Unfortunately my first winner did not respond to my email. It seems that she’s on an early Halloween vacation.

Watch the video to find out whose the winner.

Congratulation the winner of our Cetaphil Giveaway. An email has been sent and I am waiting for a reply. If I will not receive a reply from her after 48 hours, I will (again) select another winner.

3 thoughts on “Cetaphil Products Giveaway Winner

  1. Uh oh. I’m too late. It was only now that I have seen this. Anyway, will be looking forward to another one. Will surely check your blog for updates!

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