The Pretty Translator

I find it amazing how moms get to understand when their child start to babble in a language. My Zoe has his own language which sounds foreign to others and I just love it when cousins and friends asks me to translate his own language. Should I say I am my son’s official translator? Well, definitely I am his pretty translator.

Nanny = Barney
Mamouse = Mickey Mouse
Taty = Daddy
Tatu = Tito (uncle)
Mol = Ball
Momon = Pupu
Tos = Shoot
Ash = Rice
Pash = Flush
mile = smile
Tis = train
Cak = car
Atach = watch
mak = bike
mye = bye

Those were just a few of Zoe’s vocabulary. He has got his own vocabulary of assigning names around him and it’s up to me to figure out what he’s saying. We at home are trying to teach him the right words and at his age, 23 months we are happy to see him slowly improving his vocabulary. Sure he’ll be able to talk soon.

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