The Gifting Guide for a Fashionista

There’s no doubt that clothes, accessories, and beauty products are the most difficult items to buy for a fashionista. While fashionistas love their clothing, they can be picky about what items occupy precious space in their wardrobe and make the final cut to be worn out in public. It’s easy to just buy gift cards for all your fashionable friends, but gift cards can lack the heart and joy of giving and receiving. If you do want to give a gift card, be discerning about the type and strategic about what it will buy.

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Some appropriate items to use gift cards to purchase include makeup, hair extensions, eyelash extensions, or spa days. As a rule of thumb, if the item is something that needs to match a skin or hair tone, or is a product it’s best to go for the gift card. That way, the recipient can consult the professionals to find what would be a best fit for her skin, hair, and lifestyle.  Just be sure to include a meaningful card, or another small gift to go along with the gift card – otherwise the recipient might feel as though you didn’t consider her important enough to think through what she might like. Take time to write a personal card or add a small, sentimental gift that will mean something to her in addition to the gift card.

Though purchasing clothing or accessories for a fashionista can seem daunting, if you can find something she will truly like and cherish, no gift is better than something she will proudly wear. And she’ll be impressed with your discerning eye. Ask her to set up a Pinterest account and pin a few items that she likes, so you can get a feel for her overall style. It also obviously helps to pay attention to what she’s wearing, but if you are also aware of what she’d like to be wearing or what she might consider buying for herself, even if she doesn’t currently own it, you’ll have a much better understanding of her tastes.

You could also spend a bit of time having her look through magazines and pointing out items she likes. During a non-holiday time, ask her for all her measurements – clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. and keep a list handy for both holidays and random surprise gifts that will honor her.

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9 thoughts on “The Gifting Guide for a Fashionista

  1. It’s really hard to pick out the best gift for a fashionista that equally fits her style and personality. they have that quite sophisticated taste that makes them very appealing.

  2. I find clothing or anything that will be worn on the body quite hard to choose and purchase, and I’m not even a fashionista. Will check out Perfect Locks.

  3. I got a friend who is a fashionista too. And yeah, I must admit, its hard to think of getting a gift for her. So what I’m doing, I always do shopping with her. And if I see that she wants something and I can afford it, I usually pay for it instead. So, that’s gonna be my gift for her. 🙂

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