A Healthy and Juicy Juice Option

If you are starting to lose weight I guess you better be equipped with lots of determination as there will be a great temptation coming your way. It’s Holiday Season, a time for shopping, giving and most of all a time for a feast. I can already imagine those famous delectable and mouth watering delicious but unhealthy dishes during Christmas eve. Sure my appetite will be delighted once again but I feel sorry for hubby who just took another notch on his pursuit of a healthy diet after years of procrastination. And that obliged me to serve healthy food  on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

This festive season I guess it’s also important to balance everything that you place in your mouth whenever you tuck in for a feast. I for one am getting a few tips from my man who opted to eat healthy this festive season. No sweets, oily and spicy foods and instead of soda, fresh juices are his best option. And recently he has just discovered the health benefits of mangosteen juice and now he is bugging me to fill our fridge with those.

Mangosteen used to be one of my favorite fruits and being in a tropical country is an added advantage. I use to buy them in the market everytime I shop for our weekly food stocks. I never thought that this sweet & juicy fruit in the tropics can work wonders on different health problems until hubby discovers it’s health benefits. I think there are only few people who knew the wonders of this fruit since it’s not that popular in our country. Scientist research’s shows that mangosteen contains nutrients that are beneficial for our health and also a great form of antioxidant which helps prevent our cells from being damaged. There have been claims that it is best consumed in a form of a juice as the nutrients can be easily absorbed by our body. That only means that I should not only eat the fruit but drink the juice as well. Sure  its a must have in our fruit basket this holiday while the mangosteen juice will definitely be  a healthy option for us rather than soda.

So you better watch out for a merry and healthy festive season.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.


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