A Cool Way to Avoid Laptop Overheating

That moment when you are cramming things up, trying to beat deadlines and suddenly your laptop shut down by himself. And then you press the power to open it but then it shuts down automatically. I have been in this nerve-wracking situation several times, and while I face the black screen I constantly wish that whatever I have done was saved, thank goodness for the autosave!

Portability and convenience that’s what a laptop offers. It’s amazing how heavy duty electronic devices are cramped up in a small space giving us access to computers anytime and anywhere in the world. However despite the tremendous technology it offers, laptops have this cranky heating problem. That’s the reason why in the midst of a busy working day, your laptop unexpectedly shuts down to prevent permanent damage. Just imagine those devices cramped up in a small space that generates heat. Sure it makes the laptop more vulnerable to overheating.

Monitoring your laptop temperature is important and having a cooling pad is all the more important. Cooling pad or usb fans is an effective solution to overheating. It reduces the laptop’s temperature by as much as 20% and can prevent damage. They work effectively to cool your laptop. They’re like a breather bringing air on the inside and ventilates downside.

I can’t afford to lose another laptop due to overheating that’s why I always use cooling pad for my lappies. Yes, my DV2150 retired due to overheating and it is no way to be revived.

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