Why I Need a Bunk Bed this Christmas

Back to my childhood days, I used to sleep over at my cousin’s place and I remember the usual scene before we could finally hit the sack. If they are not arguing as to who gets to play with the piano first my cousins are having debates as to who got to sleep on the top part of the bunk bed while I get to lay my back on the pull out bed. I guess they both like the bliss of being at the top.

I also had my own bunk bed memories sometimes when I was in college. Living in the dormitory with a limited space available, being at the top part of the bunk bed (my so called holy turf) was the only place I had privacy. It was where I get to have my “me” time most of the time.

Now, with our little bitty home, with only two bedroom we are thinking of having a bunk bed for our two boys so they could have more space in their room. Bunk beds are great space savers; it could give us more space for a toy storage, or a larger closet or perhaps a wider study area or you can even add up a built in drawers as multi-purpose storage. They’re really great on small spaces like ours. So how do you like the idea?


Now, if you like the idea and want to purchase a bunk bed for your kids, it is important to consider the following safety precautions before purchasing.

  • Upper bunk should have guardrails on all four sides. Guardrails should be continuous even on those sides against the wall.
  • Opening on both lower and upper bunk should not be more than 3.5 inches to avoid child’s head or torso from passing through.
  • Children below 6 years old should not be allowed at the upper bunk of the bunk bed.
  • Only one child should sleep on the top bunk.
  • Enforce safety rules and discuss with your children the proper usage of the bunk bed to avoid accident.

Although our boys are too young to use a bunk bed, I am still hoping to purchase one before they’re ready to move into a bunk bed so we could have bed spaces for our guests.  I wish I could have it this Christmas, but I’m afraid hubby might not be in favor as we have more important things to buy before this year end so I hope Santa will be able to read this post. Please, I promise I’d be good this Christmas and the coming years.

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