SAHM no More

I say, bye Zoe! Mommy is going to work. To his delight he will run to me pick up his sleepers and then hold my hand and say Mommy e-em (mommy lets go to SM). And then here comes chasing blue with matching scream as I leave the house.

Oh…farewell blues with my babies…it’s hard seeing them crying while I sneak out from the house for work. I’m gonna live by these this 2013. Welcoming my new year with a new job. Today was my first day at work and I believe it’s a good start for the year 2013. However the farewell blues hit my inner being. As much as I wanted to be a full time mom, I can’t. I am now officially a working mom, goodbye SAHM (stay at home mom). Life is hard up and 2012 has been tough, this year I claim a brighter and greater year for us. Please be good to me year of the water sneak.

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