Diaper Days

I was on the view finder last weekend to take some snap of our youngest son Zian who turned 8 months. I was quickly firing the shutter while carefully composing and framing him as he hits dreamland. After a couple of shots the brother discovered that I was having a photo session with the little brother. So upon seeing the little brother only wearing a nappy he then undress himself and went posing with the now awake little bro. So from bedroom to the living room, and with the help of my sister we had some sort of a kid’s photo opp.

Mothering has occupied my time that leaves me settling photography aside for a couple of months now. Shooting kids is a lot harder, I’d say a fast lens and speed light is really a must when shooting babies. This only made me want Nikkor 50mm af 1.4 more! And how I wish I could have SB 900.

Here are the boys on their nappies.

 photo 774638_10151186686322026_1792903351_o_zps7c72ba9d.jpg

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