Why Ventilation is Important

Ever wonder how it feels living in a house without a window? Perhaps you might want to experience it but sure, you wouldn’t want to live in a vent-less house. Proper ventilation of houses is not only an important element in the design but it is also equally important to our health. Since it’ll be the place where we will abide, the quality of air has a great impact to our health. So if you are building your dream house or planning to renovate your house, make sure that you and your architect have discuss proper ventilation before building the dream house. Sure you architect knows this matter even before you take it into consideration.

window ventilation
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There are two types of ventilation; the natural ventilation in which fresh air comes in thru doors and windows. So if you are having atrium windows problem or atrium vinyl windows problem, fix it right away to allow air circulation. The other type is the artificial ventilation in a form of exhaust air system.

Here are some reason why proper ventilation is important.

  • Reduce Indoor Humidity. Our daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, bathing and even breathing creates moisture. The presence of high humidity in a room can stimulate mold growth. It can also spur damage to the structure. Proper ventilation in a form of natural or artificial ventilation will reduce the humidity by venting out humidity. This process is called Dehumidifies.
  • Controls Indoor Contaminants. The chemicals from cleaning solution, air fresher and the likes are sources of indoor contaminants. Ventilation system may pull fresh air and removes contaminants, in this case proper ventilation is important to provide an adequate air exchange as contaminated air might trigger asthma.
  • Saves Energy. Proper ventilation requires proper orientation. Maximize the use of natural light through proper orientation of ventilation. This way you can cut down the cost of your electricity bill.

So whether you are building a new house or renovating your abode, proper ventilation is worth considering. And if you’re on the look for a doors and windows supplier check out atrium review for feedbacks.

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