From Luxury to Essential

 photo mobilePhone_2414866b.jpgAs the world goes techie everyone is chasing over new gadgets these days. And while most people get hold of Iphone, blackberry, android and tablet, Chris our help remains phoneless. In this high-tech age our form of communication has long ameliorate. Gone are the days where mobile phones are not common and way too expensive to have. Mobile phones are perhaps a must have gadget these days, not only does it quench your gadget addiction but it also serves as a primary form of communication. And I guess it’s no wonder why it’s a gloomy day for me whenever I left my mobile phone at home, it’s as if I am unreachable and can’t communicate with the other side of the world. Sure Chris somehow felt the same way.

Mobile phones have made life easier. It brings family closer despite the distance. We don’t have to wait for days to send a letter to our loved ones, mobile phones made it comfortable to reach people and remains connected regardless the distance. Along with these convenience mobile phones are much affordable these days and these factor made it easier to acquire one. And this has made me thought of giving Chris a new mobile. It need not to be latest one as long has she can have access to convenient communication. Good thing I came across wirelessemporium where I can possibly get an affordable unit for her. We can also unlocked verizon phones at, which made me more interested with verizon phones.

Mobile phone is no doubt an essential stuff for everyone, so as much as I can, I would like Chris to experience the convenience that most of us experienced.

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