Books Need not be Expensive, Thanks to SlugBook!

At an early age my son has showed interest in books. He would carry a pair of his picture book to the bed and would pinpoint to the objects before he hits the sack. I love seeing the little man with that habit and as a mom; I am trying to encourage more of this habit this early to develop a love for reading.

Books play an important role in children’s literacy development. That’s why I love the idea of touting books at home. I just hope we have enough resources for more books for our tots as I find them expensive in the local bookstore. How I wish we had access to a public library where books are lent to the residents. That’s gonna be cool.

Books have been a big part of our lives. It has been here for decades. and to some, they are a loyal companion and the best thing about it is they conveys knowledge and wisdom. As a mom, I strongly believe that books, may it be a picture book, a bed time stories, a novel or simply a textbook, need not be expensive. Buying books especially textbooks for students should not be compromise just because of lack of resources. And that’s what SlugBook is all about. They provide affordable textbooks for students. They have wide variety of text books and they even made it easier for you to find a one. Click here for more of slugbook and get to save lot of money on your textbooks.

It has been said that if you open a book you are opening a new world. So, let us all explore a new world with slugbook.

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