Max’s Super Racer Birthday Package

In a couple of months, our youngest Zian will be celebrating his first birthday. Apart from the excitement on this milestone, a portion of my thoughts transported me back to our eldest son’s first birthday party. This actually prompted me to  write a review of Max’s Restaurant’s Birthday Package.

His birthday falls on a Sunday so my sister in law booked the function room 3 months prior to the event. We were still in Kuala Lumpur then, good thing Max’s Restaurant has their website so we were able to chose the menu and had my sister in law booked for the venue. We decided to book for a complete party package and that was a good decision as I never expected that I would be in an urgent business trip two weeks before the event. We don’t have to worry about the preparation.

We booked the Super Racer Birthday Package for 20 kids at 8,435 Php. The package include 1pc chicken, spaghetti, juice and ice cream, birthday themed cake, party loot bags, party favors such as invites, name tags and party hats, party hosts, mascot appearance, game prizes and free 2 hours use of the function room. For the adult, we chose their per table set menu that range from PhP 3500 to PhP 4500 for 10pax.

The party started with fun games for the kids and adults as well. The male host has a good humor, he was able to amuse the guests especially the kids.

The kids had fun and enjoyed the games. I love how enthusiastic they are in every games. They participated and run after prizes, I guess that’s what makes them excited. That was really fun, I love the part where the kids was asked to bring 1000 peso bill and was told to give the bill to Zoe’s mom. Oh my ears were clapping, there were like 5 kids who gave me 1000 pesos so I have a total of 5000 pesos. The host then gave me the prerogative whether to return the money back or keep it in my pocket. Really a fun game. By the way I returned the money.

Then comes the food. I wasn’t able to taste kid’s food not even a bite of the chicken. However adult’s food was really great. We have Max’s fried chicken, oriental beef with mushroom, sweet and sour fish fillet, embotido, pancit canton and buko pandan for dessert. Of all, I love the embotido and the sweet and sour fish fillet it was really good.

We were not able to serve the cake to the guests, so we just brought it home. The personalize cake from Max’s corner bakery looks great but it doesn’t taste good to me. The  chocolate cake covered with icing was a bit dry but was not bad at all.

 The kids went crazy when chickyboy greeted them. Everybody wants to hold him and  have their picture taken but the birthday boy wasn’t happy with chickyboy’s appearance. Hewas a bit scared.

Overall, it was fun celebrating Zoe’s birthday with Max’s. The food was great plus great treats. I even heard a guest commended the food. I will definitely recommend Max’s restaurant to family and friends.  

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