Online Store on my Mind

These days that we are already in the computer era, everything becomes convenient already. Communications, office works, and even marketing are just some of the things that benefits from this technology. I just started selling clothes online via social networks, and I liked its turn-out.

Now, I am considering of making it bigger and thinking of getting my own website so I’ve been busy researching as to where to find online store software. I just think that it will make my business more popular and improve its market and of course, income. I know this is still a long way to go yet, but, I am also excited for the fact that if everything becomes really big, I could just concentrate on it and give up my career. I may just be a successful entrepreneur-mom. I have couple of friends who are into online selling and they are just supportive of my plans. I just hope that I’ll be as successful as them so I won’t regret it a bit later. But I also have other business ventures in mind, but, since putting up a business not only entails a lot, I will just do it one at a time.

For now, I am just holding on to my instinct of wanting to do this. So wish me luck, guys.

Thinking of a Business

My father had been working abroad eversince I can remember. Now he’s pretty old already and have already retired. But since he had been used to having a job, he’s thinking of having something that he could be busy with. I suggested to start up a business and he’s thinking about it. I just thought that buying and selling of ATV’s and other sports utility vehicle would be nice. I’ve seen atv for sale in the city, and I noticed that these shops selling these doesn’t run out of customers. This has become a newest thing for guys, these days. He could start on that and could also eventually come up with hisun utv and 250cc motorcycle. Of course it will cost a lot of money that’s why we’re taking it a little while for him to be able to think and decide.

A lot of things have to be considered when putting up a business. One, is its location, where it should be, that it should have a good market. My only relief if ever this would push through is that, my father used to work in the middle east in a shop that sold the same boys’ stuffs. But, the best way to also start with this is to look for possible buyers initially and see how it would go. Word of mouth and referrals would be its cheapest way to get advertised. Well, this is just a lot to think about, and I do hope that whatever business my father would choose and approve of would be a success. We’re actually thinking also of having a franchise which would be in line with food biz. I guess, the more choices, the better.

How about you, do you have any suggestions on what better business would be a hit these days?

Soo Little Time!

You are indeed soo precious that I couldn’t let a single minute pass doing nothing. Oh…so little time but there’s tons of things that need to be done! If only I can freeze the time and get things done. I am missing soo much time with the kids. Last time I went home they were at the dreamland already and I rushed to follow them.  This is probably an old music to your ears and a common rant of a working mom. Time, time, time please give me more of you and please please be good to me this time.

Our Little Chanter

Whether it’s slow or fast, whenever my boys hears music they would  definitely bust a groove with big smiles! They’ve got little footworks to show and it’s such a rage! And it was more funsies when we found out that the older boy, Zoe learn to chant while holding a improvise microphone. That makes the house full of laughter and leaves me debating with myself whether to get or not get tung sol 12ax7 at guitar center.

 photo 4889ca7d-2d18-4a8f-af6b-abf45cd0557f.jpg

The thought seeing my tot singing with real microphones hyped me and it seems that we will be grabbing one for our little performer and for the big ones as well for a total performance just for funsies sake!

Well I guess the boys got good ears for music. Will we be raising musicians? I would love to!




Our Zian turns a month older today. Everyday our bubbly happy baby amazed us and never failed to bring joy in our home. He is now able to spill out few words and can follow simple instructions. More sturdy now compared last month, as he can now walk while holding on furniture. If not walking with furniture as his guide, he’s gonna be crawling and crawling and crawling…my little crawler! And how about climbing on the sofa? Yes, you read it right! He just discovered going up and down the sofa.  And those little gestures as his way of communicating, I soo love it!

 photo 9b809fbb-50bb-4692-b7e6-9c189d7ea89d.jpg

It’s eleventh for our little Zian, you are definitely growing fast little one! One more month till the big day! Sure, it’s gonna be fun! I couldn’t contain my excitement!

He Wants Spaghetti!

While prepping this morning’s breakfast, Zoe wanted something that wasn’t served. I never expected that he has his own creative way of telling me that he doesn’t like his breakfast. He just blurted “mommy lets eat teti!” (mommy lets eat spaghetti!). I was like “whaaat?” Was it some sort of an upfront rejection? I just smiled and didn’t force him to eat. I wish I had those instant spaghetti in our kitchen cabinet but I am not really into it, I prefer the “real ones”.

That leaves me contemplating on cooking spaghetti this coming weekend to delight the little one. This is just one of his best-loved food.

Apparently I can’t find a picture of him eating spaghetti so maybe this one will do. Filled with happiness over the cake and spaghetti!

2012-05-03171811 photo 2012-05-03171811.jpg

Why You Should Participate in Fire Drill

When the fire exit alarm rang last Friday afternoon we were jumbled reckoning if the alarm was for real. Some of my colleagues went to check what was going on outside and they were greeted with the nosy people (just like us) from other office. We then assumed that it was a fire drill so we went down the stairs all the way from 24th floor even if there was no notice for fire drill from the building administration. At the fire exit stairs while approaching 10th floor there was a smoke that leads us to a conclusion that there might be a fire, so we rushed down till we reached ground floor where people are rushing out of the building. I was tense a bit so when I saw one of the marshals while heading our way out I did not hesitate to ask what was going on, thankfully it was but a Fire Drill.

 photo 5ed9224f-4917-443e-9d47-302412b45376.jpg

Under the heat people flocked together in front of the building. There we have witnessed a demonstration on fire safety evacuation plan. I have been to several fire drill, but this one at the Philippine Stock Exchange Center or commonly known as Tektite (just don’t ask me why its called tektite) is very educational. Yes it was tiring going down all the way from 24th floor by fire exit stairs but I would say, our participation was worth it as I learned something from the bottom up.

The firemen has shed light on fire safety evacuation plan. This is to educate people on how to evacuate safely when there is fire. There were even people from different offices who participated in the demo. After which a short lecture on how to extinguish fire was conducted by the fire department head of Brgy. San Antonio Fire Brigade.

By t photo 2013-04-11165219.jpg
a volunteer tries to extinguish the fire

Here are few things that was scribbled in my mind during the lecture.

Remember the word SAFE which stand for;

S-shout out loud!

A-advice the fire station.

F-fight the fire


And when using the fire extinguisher remember the word PASS.

P-pull the pin (where the inspection tag is attached) which locks the handle.

A-aim for the spray nozzle, remember to aim low at the base of the fire.

S-squeeze the handle to diffuse the contents.

S-sweep back and forth while spraying the base of fire.

There were also fire men demonstrating the proper usage of fire extinguisher and they even asked for volunteers to try it. Though I was hesitant to try it I was able to witness the demo and from their (i think) I have the guts to extinguish a fire more than i could think of.

 photo b3cd119c-1dca-472c-9870-ee49fcee8b47.jpg
Fireman demonstrating the use of fire extinguisher

So, on the next Fire prevention month, don’t ignore fire drills, participate and be equipped with fire safety rules!


Signs that Meat is Spoiled

I was about to cook beefsteak (filipino style) for lunch when I found out that the beef I bought from the market 5 days ago was already spoiled. It was in the fridge with an adequate temperature (i think soo) the whole time I got it from the market. I don’t know why it get spoiled. According to a chef in a magazine (I forgot his name) it is safe to store meat in the fridge up to two weeks. Still I don’t know why it get spoiled in less than a week.

By t photo 2013-04-13115429.jpg

The meat was that of green color instead of red cherry and has an off smell and that clearly indicates spoilage. Immediately it landed in the trash bin. This is such a taunter as it happen while I’m in a hurdle of budgeting; a half kilo of beef has been wasted and there’s nothing I can do about it. I guess to avoid such wastage we need to consume meat that are stored in the fridge for 3-4 days.


Cetaphil’s Get Two for the Price of One Promo

How about two for the price of one? Yeah you read it right. I bet most moms would love it and I for one is not an exception.

As part of their 65th Anniversary, Cetaphil Philippines is holding another promo. This time they’re holding “Get two for the price of one” promo for Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 and Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion.

 photo DFM2for1.jpg

 photo photo.jpg

I do not know about you but I will definitely grab my piece of SPF 15 moisturizer blame it to the scorching heat this summer. So for those Cetaphil junkies out there grab or would I say hoard now! That’s gonna be a big savings.

Haven’t switched to Cetaphil yet? Switch now and save and get the mildest care for your dearly loved skin!

Cetaphil is available at Mercury Drug, Watsons, Shopwise, S&R and other leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

Prepping for First Birthday!

Our youngest Zian will turn 1 on May 19 and it’ll definitely calls for a celebration. Although we are not throwing a grand celebration, I have already started planning for this momentous event and it’s gonna be a Mickey Mouse themed party. Why? It’s because it’s his favorite character as of the moment.

I have start scouting for suppliers last month and we will be having food tasting by next week with our possible caterer. Also I am gathering ideas for the invitation before I settle for the design. I’m a bit excited to do the invitation myself with the help of my humble photoshop skills of course. I am also planning to go for DIY giveaways and loot bags to save some penny.

I am torn between two cake suppliers. One we had tried during our eldest 2nd birthday and the other is thriving in the baking industry and they are a bit cheaper than the previous. Probably before the end of this month we will be able to decide for the cake supplier.

I debated with myself whether to get a professional party host until a friend volunteered. And that was something I cannot resist so she will definitely be our party host.

For now I am still scouting for more party favors and I hope for a great find.