He Wants Spaghetti!

While prepping this morning’s breakfast, Zoe wanted something that wasn’t served. I never expected that he has his own creative way of telling me that he doesn’t like his breakfast. He just blurted “mommy lets eat teti!” (mommy lets eat spaghetti!). I was like “whaaat?” Was it some sort of an upfront rejection? I just smiled and didn’t force him to eat. I wish I had those instant spaghetti in our kitchen cabinet but I am not really into it, I prefer the “real ones”.

That leaves me contemplating on cooking spaghetti this coming weekend to delight the little one. This is just one of his best-loved food.

Apparently I can’t find a picture of him eating spaghetti so maybe this one will do. Filled with happiness over the cake and spaghetti!

2012-05-03171811 photo 2012-05-03171811.jpg

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