Our Zian turns a month older today. Everyday our bubbly happy baby amazed us and never failed to bring joy in our home. He is now able to spill out few words and can follow simple instructions. More sturdy now compared last month, as he can now walk while holding on furniture. If not walking with furniture as his guide, he’s gonna be crawling and crawling and crawling…my little crawler! And how about climbing on the sofa? Yes, you read it right! He just discovered going up and down the sofa.  And those little gestures as his way of communicating, I soo love it!

 photo 9b809fbb-50bb-4692-b7e6-9c189d7ea89d.jpg

It’s eleventh for our little Zian, you are definitely growing fast little one! One more month till the big day! Sure, it’s gonna be fun! I couldn’t contain my excitement!

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