Dazzle your Home with LED Curtains

If you’re in the market for a nice piece of decor that will open up your room, try investing in the elegance of a beaded curtain. What’s great about beads is that they offer a very affordable way to create partitions. If you’re sharing a very quaint apartment, privacy can be hard to come by. Even if you’re living alone, it always feels nice when you maximize your space.

In order to take advantage of your investment, it’s best to go for an LED curtain, as opposed to regular beads. The translucency of the crystalline beads are quite elegant on their own in the day time, especially when beams of sunlight filter through. At night, you can turn on the lights to be dazzled by an energetic show. Some LED curtains feature multiple modes for your lights, such as strobing and fading, which can be particularly soothing as one color flows into the next. Your curtain will serve multiple purposes as a partition, interior decor piece, and lamp. LED curtains are also not only great as a furnishing, but as an accompaniment to a great work of art. Unlike traditional light bulbs, LED lights are also more energy efficient. So if you’re worried about soaring electric bills, your curtain will help you out of a bind.

These novel installations also make excellent and unique gifts. Choose the perfect size for your departing friend or family member when they go off to college, or locate to a new home. It will become the perfect house warming gift.

Mobile Friendly Care

Mobile medical units are growing increasingly popular with a broad variety of medical professionals due to their increasing viability on the market. Mobile medical units are just what they sound like: trailer-based medical facilities that can be quickly moved from location to location in a city, or even a broader area, to allow for the more rapid taking and treatment of patients.

A mobile medical unit can be used to access a particularly convenient area for a large city without establishing a permanent practice, say, for something seasonal, or it can be deployed to an area that is otherwise relatively remote. In researching the mobile medical units from LifelineMobile.com, it’s easy to see just how varied they are. There are units available for simple mammogram treatments, as well as more advanced units capable of performing laboratory procedures on blood samples, as well as dental units to provide dental care. Because the cost of maintenance is relatively low, particularly when compared against the needs of a secondary location for a practice, they’re a very viable option for those looking to increase their reach to patients without undergoing a complete overhaul of their practice.

Mobile medical units are an excellent way to bring care to your patients where they need it most, which makes them an excellent thing to consider.

Giddy when it Pours

I think summer is almost over, it’s been raining the past few days. It seems that we will be saying hello to rainy season. Last weekend as the rain pours down again, my boys were giddy over it and they love watching it from our window. I even heard my eldest sang “rain rain, come again another day!”

 photo e7b89db6-9349-405f-a096-fab568cc6ffa.jpgPerhaps if they were big enough they would probably bathe in the rain. And that transported me back to my childhood days, bathing and playing in the rain was something I soo love when I was a kid.

Traditional Yet Stylish Quilts for the Much Loved Bedroom

The patchwork quilts available at Linens-N-More are made of quality material that is both durable and comfortable. These traditional quilts are made to last and add an element of traditional style to a bedroom. Learn about some of the other favorable qualities of these unique quilts available at Linens-n-More.

A Variety of Designs Shoppers visiting the patchwork quilt selection are able to choose from a variety of quilt designs. Each design has been given a name and adds appeal to the décor of any bedroom. Some of these quilt designs feature a collection of large squares while others have a gathering of multiple small squares. Either way, a shopper has plenty of attractive design options to peruse. Colors Galore This selection of quilts offers pastels as well as dark colors. There are even quilt squares that are neutral in color. Some of the quilt squares feature interesting patterns that serve to enhance the beauty of the bed covering. Regardless of a shopper’s preferences in color, there is something for everyone in this quilt selection at Linens-n-More.

Made for a Variety of Bedrooms Finally, one shopper may be looking for a quilt for a master bedroom while another is looking for a quilt suitable for a young girl’s room. Both shoppers along with many others will find what they need at Linens-n-More. There are quilts perfect for the decors found in many types of bedrooms. These quilts provide their owners with style, warmth, and comfort!

Cowboys Clothing for your Little Cowboy Wanabee

Babies and toddlers can be a Dallas Cowboys fan too with the stylish apparel from Baby Fans. This trendy Internet fan store is the place to find 100% cotton girls and boys Cowboys clothing, including onsies, infant tee rompers and first baby tees. Shopping fans can find delightful Dallas Cowboys baby cloths for boys in the form of long sleeve toddler tees, jersey sets and toddler replica jersey tees for boys. Customers of Baby Fan can also find girl styled Dallas Cowboys clothing, including cute cheerleader sets with the Dallas Cowboys logo, Cowboys baby girl tutus and Cowboys baby girl bloomer and sundress sets. Other hot baby fan items include infant and toddler Dallas Cowboys blue dresses, embroidered Cowboys security blankets and infant girl tops with legging with the Cowboys insignia.

Baby Fans also carries the Dallas Cowboys baby clothing in the popular navy blue color for both boys and girls. However, they also carry girls clothing and accessories in the color pink. From NFL infant sleepers to Cowboys sweat suits, Dallas Cowboys Baby Clothes at BabyFans.com will make any toddler boy, girl or infant fan ready to watch the game. Shoppers can even find the cutest Dallas Cowboys pacifiers, socks, bags and bibs. Baby Fans shoppers even find adorable Cowboys baby bottles, Cowboys pacifier clips and hats. Baby Fans customers can also store their kids belongings in a Dallas Cowboys storage bench. Baby Fans delivers the best in toddler and baby NFL, College, MLB and NBA clothing and accessories.

The Mickey Mouse Inspired Cake

It was not just a cute cake, it was yummy and tasty as well. The Mickey Mouse inspired cake for our little celebrant was great! Thank you Woku Cakes for carefully crafting Zian’s Birthday Cake! We loved it!

Stylish Maternity Wear From Momo Baby

Your pregnancy should be a time of happiness. You want to be comfortable throughout your pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean you have to be frumpy or unfashionable.

Momo Baby offers maternity wear that is stylish, comfortable, and flattering both during and after your pregnancy.

Momo Baby has a great variety of spring maternity dresses. One of their best sellers is the infinity wrap dress which can be worn in several ways. It comes in a classic black or gray to which you can add accessories for that pop of color. It also comes in bright purple, perfect for spring and summer. With prices from below $25 dollars up to over $175 dollars, there is something to fit every budget. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Styles vary from casual comfort to wedding appropriate. There are short and long options and different fabric choices. The styles are timeless which means they can be used for future pregnancies as well. The garments are designed with a growing belly in mind. They can be worn into the fourth trimester and some of them even after baby is born. Because of the quality of the materials, the items will stand up to washings, making them worth the money you spent on them.

They are also versatile and can be dressed up or down with sweaters and blazers, your favorite heels or some comfortable flats. Momo Baby has quality, comfortable, maternity wear in a large variety of styles and fabrics, sure to please any mother-to-be.

Contemplating of Strumming Again

Seeing my old yet still in tune guitar hanging in the storage at my father’s house stirred up my fingers to strum again. I was a trying hard guitar student back then. I can still remember the callouse on my fingers that hurts whenever I try to play those chords printed in my song book. That was really painful yet gratifying once I completed a piece.

Now, I barely remember the last time I strum the strings, but believe me, it’s not just my fingers but my heart as well that tells me to strum again. I’m thinking of replacing my old guitar with one of michael kelly guitars from musicians friend before I seriously get hooked with the guitar once again. Excited! excited!

Well, I guess my boys will also be interested. Who knows in the next few years, I’ll have a lead guitarist or a bassist.



The Giveaways

Since we are having a mickey mouse themed party, I decided to give out these mickey mouse frame to the guests with Zian’s picture on it. I got the frame at divisoria and I made the thank you tag’s design. Actually these are just for the Ninong & ninang (god father & god mother)

 photo 9132e133-b149-4103-9fd0-5b100db9aafb.jpg

Raking for Gift Ideas for Him

Mother’s day is over and in a few weeks it’ll be the day of the great men, the pillars of the families; the father. Father’s day is soon approaching and I am thinking of what to give to the two wonderful men in my life, my dad and of course my husband. As always, I find it an arduous task choosing gifts for men unlike women, there’s tons of gift ideas out there. How I wish I could give them macanudo cigar as I’ve been seeing numerous electronic cigarettes store these days. Sure that would be easy to find, but they’re both non smokers.

Arduous yet wonderful task, that’s the reason why I am searching for gift ideas this early. Of course, I am to give and hoping to find the best gift for them. How about you, what do you have for your father this father’s day?