Affordable Corner Protector

I went to the hardware last week to buy a curtain tiebacks but instead of bringing home a pair of tiebacks I brought home this safety corner protector by and from Ace Hardware. Our toddlers are exposed to sharp corners that’s why grabbed them the moment I saw this  item from the rack.  It’s made of PVC material and mounts using double adhesive pads. One pack contain 4 protectors for only Php 49.75.

By t photo 2013-04-14131902.jpg

If you are baby proofing your home at a minimal cost this might be what you need. The only downside is that the adhesive included in the package doesn’t mount well. So you gotta get a replacement.

 photo 76ee93f7-35ed-4d53-b650-de7f47218be4.jpg

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